On Friday 20th January the roads and motorways of Great Britain were filled with pigeon fanciers travelling to Blackpool for the British Homing World Show of the Year. Karen James, who works for the Royal Racing Pigeon Association, set out the show and marked out all the trade stand spaces – she used more than ninety rolls of masking tape and taped out around 2.5 kilometres of space! Walking around the show Saturday morning was nearly impossible, there was so many fanciers looking at the various stands and all wanting to grab a bargain. The stands ranged from ones selling pigeons, ones selling all the loft supplies and treatments, ones selling corn and ones selling items that have nothing to do with pigeons at all!

It offers a huge variety of activities both centre based and off site for the young people of Burscough and surrounding rural area. Said Sue Lamb from The Grove Youth, Community and Childrens Centre: Over the years its enjoyed average attendances of 40 members per day the success speaks for itself. As a small, local registered charity based, wed like to appeal to local businesses, schools and churches to support the young people of the community. It has not been written to meet your individual requirements, and it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself prior to using any information that it is suitable for your purposes.

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It is the first time that the same pigeon has won Best in Show at Blackpool and then gone on to be Supreme Champion as well.

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