Kelly becomes the first person to be sponsored in the ATV race after she brings some neglectful couple their daughter back before she drowned in the ocean and became a Lifetime movie.
Yes, Screech picks up a random child and takes him to a random couple who happen to be wearing glasses because all people who wear glasses are related. Screech asks Lisa to sponsor him and Lisa tells him she wouldn’t sponsor someone so idiotic that he would try kidnapping multiple children in only a few episodes. To top off the Screech abuse, the kid returns with his brother and a couple Super Soakers and chases Screech around the beach as the extras all point and laugh. Screech tries to distract Zack Morris from seeing Craig by serving dirty rolls to the customers and expressing his undying love for Zack Morris.
In the employee lounge, Zack Morris is packing his things to go home when Screech tells him that he should date Stacey in his mind like Screech dates Lisa in his mind. Lisa and Slater come in and give Zack Morris a lecture about not quitting just because his girlfriend is a dirty slut. The race basically becomes a contest between Zack Morris and Craig as everyone else was told to hang back since they aren’t major players in the episode. Unfortunately, Jessie survived plunging her ATV in the ocean and decided to come back wearing seaweed as a necklace. Zack Morris is pleased with himself that at least one of his slutty whores from this season choose him. And our episode ends with Zack Morris and Stacey back together and vowing never to mention Craig again.
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Try a three-quarter cuffed blazer like thisCrested Button Blazerfrom Forever 21with dress shorts or pants for a professional look, or go more casual with a pair ofBoyfriend Jeansfrom Gap. Mayim Bialik, who played Blossom on the show of the same name, was a poster child for wild '80s patterns, mixing and matching animal prints with floral and tribal designs for a fun yet sophisticated-beyond-her-years effect. With animal prints roaring back to popularity, you can take a walk on the wild side once again with this sleek Leopard Print Utility Jacket from Forever 21. There's no need to attend a retro party to reminisce about your favourite '80s or '90s fashions. Get the latest food + drink, fashion, entertainment, home, health + fitness and travel news sent straight to your inbox. Zack Morris hopes this will mean that he’ll finally be rid of his cursed virginity but Stacey just wants to feed him cheese, meat, and butter instead. Carosi, meanwhile, is having a mid-life crisis and decided to ride an ATV to work pretending to be Evil Knievel.
Carosi and the girls leave, Slater reverts to kindergarten mode and makes kissie faces about Zack Morris and Stacey. Seriously, guys, there’s nothing gay about trimming your body hair before it turns into Cousin It and tries to suffocate you in your sleep. The couple is so happy they immediately agree to sponsor Kelly to thank her for not allowing their inattention to become known to the world.
This gives him an idea, which is handy considering he has no sense of boundaries with children. She hopes she has the opportunity to practice her feminism self-defense but it’s just Zack Morris here to bemoan the fact that his new girlfriend is a skank whore to his two currently platonic female friends and his ex-skank whore girlfriend. As Zack Morris is about to win, Craig comes up and gently bumps his ATV, allowing Craig the edge he needs to win the race. And what could be more fun than adding flare to your get-up with sparkly metallic makeup and vibrant neon accessories?

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Grab yourself a snazzy pair or two, like the vibrant Women’s Rio Sneaker from Payless. Also, Zack Morris and Slater are conveniently not wearing shirts because the producers want all the little girls and gay boys who watch this show to have funny feelings in their downstairs area.
The good thing about this scene is the boy kicks Screech in the leg for trying to abduct him.
Seriously, Slater can be rationalized since he’s a lifeguard but Zack Morris is just randomly not wearing a shirt for no good reason. Carosi is upset that he doesn’t know how to drive an ATV correctly and crashes into a fence that jumped out of nowhere. Slater tries to show off by pointing out everything that’s wrong with the ATV but Mr. Zack Morris, meanwhile, walks out because he can’t possibly compete with a fraternity pin!

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