SFW. Found this stunning Bimba y Lola jacket during the sales in Barcelona and fell in love at first sight! Anyways, tomorrow marks the start of Stockholm Fashion week and I can’t wait to see what all the swedish brands have in store for us for spring 2013! Having visited her friends at a Convent where she once trained to be a nun, single school teacher Diane Martin (Jill Eikenberry - My Boyfriend's Back) offers a hitch hiker a ride. The thing is that whilst "Cast the First Stone" is a solid and engrossing movie it has one problem and that is an element of connect. To get himself through Princeton Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) has taken to online gambling, not only participating himself but working as an affiliate to introduce others to the gambling culture. When his brother dies in a car crash put down to him being drunk Jack Carter (Sylvester Stallone) returns home to the old stomping ground he left for a better life as a financial enforcer in Vegas. Driving to see their relatives Dan and his heavily pregnant wife Mindy have a run in with a guy in a truck and when they stop at a roadside store Dan has words with the driver. Carolyn Raeburn (Christina Cox) never thought she had anything to worry about when it came to her daughter Laura (Tina Ivlev) as like her she worked hard and at just 16 is graduating High School. Spring break is here and three friends who plan to party hard at Daytona Beach find themselves getting lost and ending up in their car in a small town surrounded by a group of locals including the mayor, Mr. Following her mother's suicide many years earlier Callie Ross (Elizabeth Gillies) fell out with her father George (William R.

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Today is my last day in NY before heading over to London for a couple of days, still have so many pictures to show you guys so prepare your self for a trip down memory lane as soon as I get back to Stockholm. Wore it for the first time during day one of Stockholm fashion week and nearly froze my butt off (thanks for the warning, weather gods!). Ok, I have about two minutes before I have to start getting ready for dinner , just wanted to show you guys this little sparkly darling that arrived last week.
When Diane stops at a motel as the rain gets to heavy to drive in she takes pity on the hitch hiker as he waits in the rain and allows him to sleep on her floor but he takes advantage of her kindness and rapes her.
What I mean is that whilst we watch as Diane is victimized, from the school board who set about trumping up charges through to the parents who only care that their kids grades are good not that their children are learning it keeps you at arms length.
Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe) is an ambitious rookie TV journalist who wants to be doing hard hitting pieces rather than fluff pieces on whether gourmet coffee is worth the money.
Just finished packing and by some miracle of god I managed to fit everything in my suitcase (OK, I might have cheated a bit and put some stuff in my boyfriends bag but still). Caught a minor cold and spent pretty much the rest of Stockholm fashion week tucked in bed while watching the shows online (not as bad as it sounds, actually).
To ashamed to mention it to anyone Diane tries to continue as normal but discovers she is pregnant and has to weigh up what to do; as a catholic having an abortion is out of the question and she decides that raising the child will be easier than putting it up for adoption.

It is sort of cold, almost procedural at times and whilst that is good in some senses as it doesn't make it feel manufactured it does mean that the big power scenes, be it the rape or the court case following her dismissal never really feel anymore dramatic than the rest of the movie.It's a shame that "Cast the First Stone" ends up being so one level because it features an array of good performances. Now it’s time to leave the computer and make the most of these last precious hours in the big apple, see you in London!
Who needs high heels and fancy dresses when you can wear your pyjama and a pair of cozy socks, right?
But that leads the school and parents to try and have her removed on grounds of immoral behaviour."Cast the First Stone" is another one of these made for TV true story movies which take the basics of a true story and then dramatizes it. Jill Eikenberry is solid through out as Diane be it as the victim of the school or as a rape victim who is on edge around men. What this means is that whilst this movie features a story about rape the real focus is on Diane having to deal with the board and parents going out of their way to try and force her out of her job.
And Richard Masur has good personality as her lawyer Refson delivering both warmth and confidence which is exactly what the character required.What this all boils down to is that "Cast the First Stone" is a solid TV movie which works because of the natural power of the story and performances.
It makes "Cast the First Stone" a solid and engrossing story which does well to make you feel for Diane as she is victimized, especially from parents who think she is too strict on the children.

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