I don’t get why these black men be chasing that kardashian pussy like its made of gold. If I was French Montana I’d do whatever I could to have nothing to do with The Kardashians. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
After two years and half, I felt bored  and I told him I wanted to live by myself just to have more time for me, I felt like at 25 my life was just about my relationship. We try to get back together, we meet up, but I usually screw things up with a bad attitude or my eye rolling. There really is so much here for us to tackle, so I’ve chosen a few topics from your letter to touch on. It seems as if the identity of each person is entangled with the other and I sense you are not truly aware of this.
So if you want the results intended you must acknowledge not indulge + then choose to let go. The past month has been the first time in four years that you have had true, delicious, exquisite space.

You can’t stop thinking of him, in part, because over the last four years he has become a habit. You can’t stop thinking of him because you’ve inadvertently trained your brain to be addicted to the drama.
Even over the last year, although not physically together, you have been emotionally attached at the hip.
Again, because you spent all your time with him, you didn’t know where he ended and you began.
And this is crippling; especially when you are trying to distinguish between love and dependency.
Dear D, My ex-boyfriend made me feel self-conscious about myself – how can I move through this? I hope she’s not trying to turn this little fling into anything serious, because she might just get burned (again).
I also felt like compared to him – I wasn’t anything special and I never ever felt this way before.
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I don’t know if I was in love, it was nothing like I had experienced before in terms of deep passion but I was serene with him, we could talk about everything and anything, it was soft and real, as well as honest and simple and to me, it was how love was suppose to be, right?
However, when it is time to go back to school after summer break, Lola doesn't feel much like laughing.
We still email and skype and he’s told me at various times that he still has feelings for me. Just like her mother, Anne, with whom life has become impossible, and not only because she has no idea what LOL means. That her parents have divorced is one thing, but that Anne treats her teenage daughter like a child, by lying to her about basic things - like the fact that she is still seeing her ex-partner on the sly, or that a cop is interested in her - is another. However, when it is time to go back to school after summer break, Lola doesn't feel much like laughing.

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