Take control of Captain Tycho Minogue, space adventurer, as he explores other worlds, encounters strange alien characters, and ultimately confronts the greatest tyrant the galaxy has ever seen.
In this episode the gang say a fond farewell and predict how gaming’s biggest trends will play out over the next five years.
Daily updates on video games and popular culture, along with Australia’s grooviest gaming podcast. The game delights in sexual innuendo but doesn’t contain actual sex, based on my few hours with the game.
The vibrant visuals, courtesy of comic artist Joe Phillips, contribute to a sense of over-the-top fun and adventure. Sexualised male characters are the norm here, with no shortage of generous crotch bulges, skin-tight outfits, bare chests and leather harnesses. That said, am I the only one who had to think of "Flash Gordon" when seeing the cover image? Just because they aren't directly affecting your apple doesn't mean there aren't other consequences. All of the over-the-top 'gayness' is firmly tongue-in-cheek, so open-minded people shouldn't worry about it devolving into outright porn. We really need to revamp this review system here on Desura, and make it so only people who own the game can rate it.
This way we dont prevent people from rating a game who bought it on other stores like GOG, and force them to contact the devs for a desura activation, if it is not included in the release they have bought. I posted a thread about it on the IndieDB forums, but they're pretty hesitant to implement it at the moment. My Ex-Boyfriend The Space Tyrant is, as mentioned above, a point and click adventure game with a Gay theme, gay characters and, at times, a gay setting. You control Captain Tycho Minogue, a regular human from the future who’s been dragged back into serving aboard the Pleasuretron, his space ship from back in the days when he was a Captain in the Space Navy.
My issue with My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant isn’t its not-quite-great writing or anything about its content at all, really. Not to be confused with our full reviews, these ‘two hour test’ articles see us tackle remakes, ports, mobile games and other titles of interest. My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant is a colourful, cheeky point-and-click adventure from Melbourne based game developer Luke Miller.
It might take a certain frame of mind to appreciate the constant double-meanings and humorously-shaped objects but there’s no denying the design knows what it wants and goes for it. The major challenges occur when it seems obvious what to do, but the game won’t let you before completing relevant conversations or other criteria. The character design is particularly striking, with a lively cast ranging from interstellar drag queens to mediaeval knights.

It all comes across in a light-hearted, cartoony way and it’s certainly no more extreme than typical female design in more heteronormative media, particularly considering the comic book aesthetics. The mechanics lack a little bit of polish for this genre, but on the other hand, a lot of effort has been made to make it more accessible and just generally less painful than these games can be, so it balances out. There are very few games themselves that deal with the kind of issues relatable with the gay community, and often when homosexuality is bought up it's as a childish punchline ala Blood Dragon. It’s camp and rammed full of innuendo and entendre, not to mention references, from Doctor Who and Finding Nemo to the Ocarina of Time and Star Trek. Tycho is the only person the Space Navy believe is capable of stopping the mad Emperor Andromedus. By picking up objects and using them in the environment or on characters, you can solve the various puzzles presented by the game and progress through the story. Tycho doesn’t always respond well to your commands, occasionally getting caught on pieces of scenery until he can get passed with all the sass he can muster.
My issue here is that My Ex-Boyfriend is a point and click adventure game that’s fairly poor in its execution. It stars Captain Tycho Minogue, who is roped into trying to stop an alien invasion apparently headed up by his ex-boyfriend.
There are some less polished elements, such as pathing issues and some less attractive background elements, but nothing unreasonable for an indie game of this scope. Post article and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. I've read Codename: Knockout, I've watched Modern Family, I have gay friends, I support gay marriage, and I reckon I can play this game. Despite this, though, there are a few indie games that do appeal to this less-than-marketed-to demographic, and thankfully these games fill a void that other games are just afraid to even acknowledge.Step in My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant, a traditional point-and-click adventure title that finally gives the gay community something to relate to in a videogame. The dialogue, while not Oscar worthy, is frequently quite funny if you enjoy your innuendos. It’s a story full of cliche and Fourth-Wall breaking moments, which advances fairly quickly. The part of the scene you need to click to move Tycho to the next area is frequently awkward, requiring you to hit a specific part rather than just the edge of the screen in the area. The genre has been around for quite a long time, with some of gamings greatest titles coming from it (Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, a million others), so any made in the modern day shouldn’t be plagued by gameplay issues like the ones My Ex-Boyfriend has. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.
The first character you meet after Tycho is the Pleasuretron’s lift, who hits out with a variety of groan inducing puns each time you enter.
It looks good, has a reasonably enjoyable and well executed storyline and produces a fair few laughs.

You people who are calling this game ****** and complaining and freaking out for it being gay, are ******* way more prissy and sissy then I think any of the gay men you are insulting could ever be.
If you've played the old Monkey Island games or even Leisure Suit Larry then you'll know what to expect: Narrative-focused dialogue and brain-teasing puzzles. With this in mind, Space Tyrant replicated these elements pretty well, but unfortunately succumbs to the cliches that make even those classics an irritating experience. For example, not being able to progress unless you've spoken to one specific NPC, or even just trouble with vague puzzles.
Thankfully, Space Tyrant tries to avoid these irritants by including an option to highlight just the interactive elements, and a hint button that will give you a vague definition of your task. These are welcome additions, but still doesn't stop the game from occasionally frustrating you when you didn't talk to the right person at the right time.
It's in this way that the game can get annoying, especially when you walk so slow and will most likely have to go back to several locations over and over to progress.However, gameplay has never been the main focus of any point-and-click game, and Space Tyrant doesn't change this.
The main plot sets you on a pulpy sci-fi adventure wherein you have to stop your ex-boyfriend from conquering the galaxy.
This is all fine at first, but this type of humor soon becomes tiresome, and you really spend a lot of the game groaning at failed attempts to be silly.
This isn't to say that the game doesn't have it's more tender moments -- some sweet parts in the game could make you feel as if there's something more to the game other than puzzles and cock jokes.The presentation also drags the premise down.
Regardless of a nice and non-offensive art style, most of the art assets don't gel together well.
The characters themselves look defined, but the environments sometimes stand out from the rest in a bad way.
There were also a couple of drawings that just looked shoddy and stood out because they looked extremely less detailed than anything else in the game. This doesn't make Space Tyrant look particularly good either, considering the amount of technical bugs the game features in the animation department. This not only spoils the animation but also draws attention to the programming that would allow him run right into scenery when exiting an area.Still, the game does have charm, and it's nice to see silly cheesecake titillation that isn't exclusively targeted towards straight men all the time. And as mentioned before, the game's sweeter moments add up to something that, while not amazing deep, provides a nice touch of cleverness to an otherwise innuendo-obsessed game. Presentation issues aside, there is some fun to be had here, and if you're a 'gaymer' like me then you just might appreciate the breath of fresh air that this brings into your usually straight video game viewpoints.

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