Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Chris Brown went all the way off on Instagram and Twitter Saturday afternoon after he and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran called it quits for the umpteenth time, accusing her of going on dates with Drake and much more.
He followed that up with an Instagram post, in which he wrote, "We've got scars, some of them u gave me, some of them I've caused," he continued on Instagram. Karrueche soon responded, captioning a poem on Instagram, "Once you find strength within yourself, it's hard to allow any type of bs around you. Before his social media rant, the "Loyal" crooner announced he was back on the market, shouting on stage at Power 106 FM's annual Cali Christmas concert in Los Angeles, "I'm single too!
After that, he posted a shot of himself cuddling up with Khloe Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner backstage, captioning the shot, "Look who came to see me! The twosome, who are childhood sweethearts and have a son together, announced their separation on Feb. They never officially confirmed they were dating, but after cozy dinners, skip trips and rumored sleepovers, the busy duo has reportedly ended their relationship. We really hoped one of our favorite couples would work it out, but after months of drug abuse allegations and reports of infidelity, Khloe filed for divorce in December 2013. Just months after being touted as a “social media prodigy,” Vine celebrity Nash Grier has learned the hard way that Internet backlash spreads even more quickly than Internet fame—especially if it’s in response to sexism. Grier just celebrated his 16th birthday with his 4.2 million followers on Vine—the third highest on the platform.
He also caused an Internet uproar when his attempt to tell his young female audience “what guys look for in girls” backfired in a major way. In the nine-minute long segment, the boys describe their ideal girl as someone who can be entertaining, spontaneous, and fun, girls who can cook, and who can “make you a better you,” i.e. Grier’s video stood for five days as it gathered major backlash over what many viewers felt were the boys’ reinforcement of horrible beauty and behavioral standards in young women who already battle with low self-esteem.
On Tumblr, anger is still brewing, as a viral repost of Green’s comment has garnered over 200,000 notes and reblogs.

But in a video where young men insist that they want girls with “natural” hair but then state that they prefer “brunettes,” it’s easy to see how professed double standards applied to young women can leave them feeling frustrated and angry. Grier deleted the video on Christmas Eve, though copies of it were quickly uploaded to other channels. In the end, the public censure of a noted vlogger like Green could go a long way to check such videos before they happen. But it won’t do anything to check the messages that Grier and his fellow rising stars of social media are sending to their followers across all platforms. With seemingly little effort, Donald Trump has built one of the biggest and loudest Web campaigns ever. Meet New Zealander Kayla Kiriau (pronounced KIDEO), she the pretty girlfriend of Oklahoma City Thunder’s center Steven Adams. Point Park junior point guard Kayla Kiriau has been named the KIAC Women’s Basketball Player of the Week Jan. From 2010-2013 the 5-8 G from New Zealand attended Sheridan College, Associate’s degree, General Studies. Kayla’s 20-year-old boyfriend is only one asset from the Harden trade who’s contributing for the Thunder in the playoffs, do you agree?
Harry and Cressy split in May after two years of dating and rumors they'd get engaged soon. After breaking up and getting back together multiple times, John and Katy called it off yet again in late February. But the North Carolina sophomore, whose following largely consists of teenage girls enamored by his blue-eyed charm, did more than party over his Christmas vacation. Among the prominent YouTubers who commented on Grier’s video before it was deleted were comedy vlogger Lamarr Wilson and beloved Vlogbrother Hank Green. And as some fans have pointed out, he’s not the only one in his circle of teen boys with large fandoms on social networks to make these kinds of statements about women.
In the wake of the debate, it ballooned in a matter of days from 300,000 followers to over 430,000.

The couple have lots in common, both born and raised in Kiwiland and both not only passionate but with mad skills for the sport.
Kiriau is the starting point guard for the Pioneers, who are one of four remaining unbeaten teams in NAIA Division II women’s basketball. She then enrolled in Point Park University and is expected to graduate in 2015 which makes the athletic young couple stay away for the moment.
Kayla’s legitimate 7-footer boyfriend was the 12th overall draft pick courtesy of the Oklahoma City Thunders in the the 2013 NBA Draft. They are all sporty types and, in fact, one of them, Valerie Adams, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in shot-put (2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympic Games). I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while u was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake! I made it clear to the world who my girl was and made your life equal to mine even at the cost of me not focusing on my career at times. From Kylie Jenner's trendsetting style (btw, puberty goals AF) to life-changing tech news (tweeting an emoji to order a pizza #YES), The Cray is all you need to impress the squad. They criticize girls who they see as having no personalities and who are just waiting to marry rich husbands. When this relationship first started u knew what it was and even participated in threesomes.
Now yall know the real." He later deleted the Instagram post too (we took a screenshot before he did).

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