WATCH ABOVE: Police in Cincinnati, Ohio have released chilling audio of a 911 call shortly after a fatal shooting involving an ex-police officer Monday.
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Once it was done … once it was really done and I allowed myself to let go, to accept that the person I married was never coming back, I had to figure out what to do. Mentally killing him, the person I had loved, and allowing myself to grieve that loss allowed me to move forward with this stranger that replaced him. It allows me talk to the boys about their father with respect by envisioning the man I once respected and loved. By grieving the loss of my husband, killing him in my mind, I can mourn that loss and start a new chapter. Unfortunately for our marriage, his indiscretion was not a short term fling type of situation.
This is basically what I’ve done too, even though our divorce is not 100% final yet, just waiting on final paperwork approval. I wish I could do this, but even 3 years after left and almost 2 since it was final the hurts continue to come. As a woman who has been divorced from her ex for 5 years and he’s been gone 6, I can tell you it does get better. The power of letting to is truly remarkable and it can change so many things for the better.
In January 2011, popular Nollywood actor John Okafor’s wife and 1 year old son, Mandela Okafor (both pictured above), were kidnapped and held in captivity for 10 days. We all sympathize with Mr Ibu for the loss of his son, but will a mother who went through the pain of pregnancy for 9 months maliciously set out to kill her own son? British singer Marianne Faithfull has said she knows who was responsible for the death of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison. In an interview with British music magazine Mojo, the 67-year-old claims that her boyfriend at the time, drug dealer Jean de Breteuil provided the deadly dose of drugs.
The couple had travelled to Paris and de Breteuil said he was going to visit Morrison at his appartment. The petition, filed by the Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma, was challenged by the Oklahoma Grocers Association, which alleged it unconstitutionally delegates legislative authority and is insufficient and misleading.
Hasib Golamrabbi, 22, also said a stranger who assaulted him told him to shoot his father, San Jose police Sgt.

Guire said Golamrabbi's younger brother, Omar, told investigators that Hasib Golamrabbi killed both parents, and then asked him to check the garage where his father was killed to make sure no blood was seeping out before the two drove off to an anime convention in Oakland. The brothers were arraigned on two counts of murder each in the slayings of their parents, father Golam Rabbi and mother Shamima Rabbi.
They both pleaded not guilty, Santa Clara County district attorney's office spokesman Sean Webby said. Relatives spoke to the brothers on Sunday, requesting they come home because their parents were not responding to phone calls or knocks on the door, Guire said. Omar Golamrabbi told police he closed the curtains after his brother killed their father, and his brother then killed their mother, Guire said. Guire said police found writing on the walls of the home, one set of which was consistent with Omar Golamrabbi's writing that investigators found in a notebook. The double slaying and the arrest of the sons have horrified the tight-knit Muslim community. The victims were popular fixtures at their mosque for three decades and had helped relatives emigrate from their native Bangladesh. Moving past the rolling film loop that was playing constantly in my head, the loop of every hurtful thing that was said and done, was painful.
What’s done was done, so I had to do whatever was necessary to move past it for my children, and for me. It ended up being a full blown love affair which resulted in the other woman getting pregnant also.
I was so wrapped up in the man he used to be, how good things used to be, longing for what once was. It does and will hurt and it hurts for a long time, I still have moments where it comes back to me. I have a feeling that my husband’s ex did something like this too and it worked wonders! I am not sure how most people survive it, let alone go on to trust another person with their heart and get married again. A single mama trying to be the most authentic version of herself, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
And to make matters worse virtually the entire time the affair was going on, he kept swearing up & down he still wanted to be with me. I’m sorry for your divorce, but 6 years from my separation and 5 years from the final court date, I can say life is GOOD. But I can say I am in a better place now than I have been in probably 8 years and I am happier than have been since college.

She and DH were in a very bad place when he left and they spent months fighting until she finally just let go.
She made planning my wedding pure hell at times because she could not let go of the man she left. If you feel you are currently subscribed please click on the button to attempt to find your account. However, my knees were often bloody from praying , but little did I know that my prayers were answered the day he left. I was in the picture by then and it was beautiful to see the two of them go from being hostile and defensive to friends again. When people ask how I have overcome the grief and anger that I had from the divorce, I tell them it was a choice.
It felt impossible to gain closure because there was nothing he could say to ever make what happened over the last year of our marriage right.
In his grief he pushed me away instead of allowing me to be there for him, & found comfort in the arms of another woman. Someone will walk into your life and make you realize there is a reason why he walked out to begin with.
And to make matters worse she passed away 3 weeks after we found out I was pregnant with our first child. He was gone, and what remained was a man I, and those that knew him well, could barely recognize.
The old version no longer existed, so I had to stop comparing the new version to that one I once knew so well.
Especially since she actually believes we haven’t slept together since he told her I was pregnant nearly a year ago when he & I have sex more than they do!
If I look at our relationship with any perspective, I can see that he had left me months and months before … but at the time I felt blindsided. My breath still gets caught, in the morning when I wake up & pray soooo HARD that it was all a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE. There were a few reasons I stuck around but being naive & thinking he was faithful was definitely not one of them.

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