He seems strange in some areas, for one, he doesnt drive, he doesnt even have a drivers license, when I ask him about it he says its a long story.
Yes he's not doing anything to better his self really he will try to bring u down with him . Get real-time parenting advice and connect with Moms with similar age children in your area! Wait, there's more!You can gain full access to your local moms community (free) by getting the app for your smartphone today.
I have a decent job as I work in healthcare, my own car, and home, so I pretty much have that part of my life setup; however, I battled with depression and anxiety for most of my life due to my weight.
I had the gastric bypass surgery earlier this year and have lost a total of 91 pounds so according to others I look amazing but I still dont see it.

He goes to work, come home (Takes the bus) and sits in front of the TV playing video games all night until his eyes hurts, he doesnt even fix himself something to eat (even though he is a professional chef) he just microwave some hot pockets or make a sandwich and right back to the video game.
If he was still in this situation but actually trying to get a license, or trying to slow down on the games, or trying to show how much he appreciates her yes I would see that. You r the only one who can make that decision, but you r describing someone that doesnt deserve what you are giving him.
I always feel like I need to be in a relationship so I jump from one relationship to the other.
Whenever we hang out, I have to drive almost a hour to pick him up, then he stays the night. He has never made an effort to take me out on a date or buy me something nice as an appreciation even though I drive so far to get him, cook for him, let him stay at my place when his AC wasnt working, sometimes I have to drag my baby with me all hours of night to see him.

I never know when he cums and he has turned me down for sex on two occasions, I felt like ****. He was homeless for like a year at one point in his life and is currently going through a divorce and child support issues, so he has his share of problems in life.
He has the potiential of being a awesome guy but I dont know if I can really deal with this baggage especially since I am trying to get myself together emotionally.

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