Except for the Grade 5 commencement on Wednesday, June 13, today was my last day at school for the year. Students follow up with a conclusion that briefly restates the topic sentence with details. Mathews04-Jun-2007 22:01Very cool image and definitely worth an A for effort and visual appeal in my book!

The assignment was to choose a photo of a zoo animal, draw the contour in pencil, with imaginative designs inside the animal. When we'd finished painting, we cut out the animal and pasted it to a piece of construction paper, our choice of color.This was an especially fun project for me because we were using print-outs of photos I'd taken at the Detroit Zoo last autumn. I chose the peacock--click here to see the original photo--and worked on this painting for three full days.

As the kids said, I was lucky because I could take my time with it. See what a hard volunteer job I have??!!

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