Twilight Sparkle is a young unicorn mare who is gifted with magic although she does struggle a bit with it.
A student of Princess Celestia, Twilight is sent to Ponyville in order to make friends in order to learn about friendship in all its forms.
Twilight cuenta una historia llamada La Leyenda del Caballo sin Cabeza, la cual es una parodia del relato de terror 'La Leyenda del Jinete sin Cabeza' de Washington Irving. Es la primera vez que Twilight le escribe una carta a la princesa Celestia sin ayuda de Spike. PA?gina web dedicada a la serie de televisiA?n de dibujos animados My Little Pony, con una gran variedad de juegos flash, puzzles y pintar dibujos gratis online. I am unHiding this file temporarily, it may go hidden again at any point I feel it needs to. If you really feel the need to bash on the mod, the ponies, or the people involved there are many other places around the net you can do that.

Any comments asking me where the follower mod went to will more then likely get deleted or reported as spam.
I have not talked to Kuroitsune in a long time, I will be trying to get in contact with himbut as of right now no effort has been made on my part to do so.
Agin if you want to pork a pony then by all means, you are fully capable of doing it yourself. If I am not mistaken you can probably talk to Kuroitsune about this as well, I remember seeing some images of the models he was working on with genitalia. This does not go againstthe rules of this site, anything I have used in the making of this mod has either been fully approved or been totally remade by me using assets already in the game.Anything extra I do with this file is because I WANT to not because I HAVE to.
I am too old and too tired to give a crap about what people think of me, I have been blasted many many times over the years about stupidity, and I am at the point now that I really don't care a whole hell of a lot about your opinion of me or what I do.
And now Including Little Pip of the FalloutEquestria Fanfic Series Created by Kkat and expanded above by various other Artists of their craft.Known Issues or Bugs====================Due to the way I had to go about the Head attachment on the Pony Style bodies, You will not be able to wear any default Armour (without knowing your way around a Model Program) until I can figure a better way.

I tried using the head outright, but it would not work properly nor as a Headpart (the animations for head movement were off) So the only other option I saw was to attach it to the body itself. If i come across one I will have it reported to what ever site mods it happens to be on as a theft of property, even if I have to register to the site just to do so.
That being said I would very much like to see these used for OC creation purposes therefore I have released this as an ESM file where the assets can be used without being included.The Outfit Models are from the game itself, the textures for them were done Mr.
Steak (link in credits) all except Trixie, Bon Bon, and Lyra so for permissions to use the others you will have to contact him.As for the models and textures that I myself have done I would be more then willing to allow their use but I do require being notified before hand.
Body textures also by me using The Pipbuck image from Inkwell as her Cutie Mark.----Any Premissions currently will be denied.

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