On September 13 we’ll have a Career Open House where you can stop by any time between 11-3 to look around.
Hope to see you soon, have fun at Orientation (it’s world class!) and welcome to Bucknell!
The following links are virtual breadcrumbs marking the 12 most recent pages you have visited in Bucknell.edu. It wasn’t until recently that I started holding my head up when walking by strangers. I enjoyed this encounter as well as others I have made over the last several weeks since our family became full-time travelers.
One of the major marketing trends we’ve seen this summer has been the use of personalization in major brand packaging. The term ‘debranding’ refers to the practice of eliminating the brand name from products or marketing activities.
Nike was one of the first brands to face this issue and then resolve it with a debranding strategy. Obviously, Coke or Starbucks are strong candidates for debranding, because even with the removal of their names or their logos, their signatures are still emblematic and immediately recognizable. A few circles ago, there was a woman present whom I experienced as demanding a lot of attention from the group. If you want to remember a specific page forever click the pin in the top right corner and we will be sure not to replace it.

These strangers have been friendly, nonjudgmental, and seem genuinely interested in who we are. New Hampshire has been our home for many years, but early last year we decided we wanted to see more of this great country.
Our eight-month ultimate adventure to explore the United States, meet new people and open our minds to new ideas started August 27, 2014. The success of Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, in which the brand name was replaced by popular first names, has led to a lot of head scratching. This strategy is becoming a popular way for companies to differentiate themselves or extend their business.
We must admit that the debranding strategy could not work with a brand that didn’t already have a significant amount of equity behind it.
As she spoke her needs throughout the first day of a week together, I got more and more agitated—she seemed (to me) to take longer and longer, to require more time, and every time she asked me something I winced inside. I care greatly about people, but I have been hurt many times by family and friends so I tend to withdraw and ignore them. Our windows were down and as I turned to roll mine up she said how much she liked my hair style.
Dropping a well-known company name from a product or marketing activity might seem counterintuitive, but some businesses are employing this strategy to make their companies appear less corporate, more personal and more forward-thinking.
In an attempt to position itself as a friendly local coffee shop, the ‘Starbucks’ name was removed from coffee cups, leaving only the siren symbol.

There is less of a need for overt branding or labeling: the experience can speak for itself.
By the end of the afternoon I knew I had to intervene—with myself—to clear up my projections and to examine what piece of my shadow she was carrying. If you are feeling really outgoing you can even talk to some of us…we are nice and we can’t wait to meet you! However this strategy has some limitations and you should be aware that it can only be adopted in some cases.
By asking customers their names, and writing them on its takeaway cups, the service became more personal and less corporate. You must have an iconic brand and elements that are totally well-known such as a logo, a package and a color.
I called home my annoyance, called home my own abandoned insecurities, called in compassion until I could visualize this woman in a new light.
Instead of withdrawing from her, mentally or physically, I stepped toward her, extending five minutes of attention at supper, a special attempt to say good night, a moment to ask her how her day had been.

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