So I’ve written an in-depth ebook The Rules of No Contact that guides you step by step on the correct things to do during the difficult time when you cut off contact with your ex and disappear from their lives for awhile.
The Rules of No Contact ebook will also teach you the biggest misconceptions about how the no contact rule works in the get an ex back strategy, as well as how no contact does not work.
I will detail the important steps in what I learned about how the Rules of No Contact can truly help you in healing and moving on in order to get your ex girlfriend back. So what’s the  no contact rule all about and why is it an important step in getting your ex back? The importance of the no contact rule is paramount, and you’ll get an inkling of just how this step in the get your ex back strategy will be vital to your success. Feelings don’t just disappear over night, and if you were the one who was broken up with, you can use this fact to your advantage. You have to become rational again, get over the breakup, and get your emotions under control and your head back on straight. The real only difference is if you were the one who was dumped your ex’s ego, pride and confidence wont be bruised. These actions of constantly chasing them and fighting with your ex will only do one thing, and that’s push them even further away. You will not be around as a backup plan to catch their fall if the grass isn’t greener on the other side.
Nevertheless, this time of no communication with your ex just doesn’t give her the needed space and time.

No contact allows you time to get your power back, and to free yourself from the power your ex has over you. Do you think the best way to win your ex back is to be bitter, angry and frustrated at them? Do you really believe that chasing and constantly harassing them will get you on your ex’s good side?
These are just a few reasons pertaining to the importance of the no contact rule after a breakup.
Saving this book is important just in case you need to go back and re-read important information you may have forgotten. Getting an ex back is no one magical tactic or text message or letter or thing you can do that will make them come running back to you. Visit the link back to the homepage and get my free ebook about what to do during the no contact rule. It can be used as a tactic to help you heal and move from your ex, or it can be the important stage in helping you to get your ex back.
The results end up being the same, and that is most people use no contact completely wrong, because they don’t understand it!
This is what I’ve learned and the steps, principles and secrets I discovered in order to get my ex girlfriend back. Unfortunately, constantly harassing your ex by trying to convince them to take you back is also common.

The no contact rule after a breakup keeps you from committing further damaging mistakes and digging yourself into a larger hole. Remember, the more you leave your ex with negative images of you, the more you will have to later reverse them in order to re-attract them back.
In the strategy of getting back  your ex, no contact is the stage to heal, get rid of neediness and desperation and become confident and attractive again. I will be writing even more articles that will aid you in how to get your ex back, so be sure to bookmark my site and visit often.
Also you can read this free ebook below, but if you want to save it (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) so you can read it when you feel like it, you will still need Adobe Acrobat to open the file. When your ex wont have any of it, it’s also common to get frustrated and say and do stupid things to them.
Or, perhaps, and most likely, you’re fueling negative emotions within your ex by certain behaviors your doing (discussed more in the later points below). You have to weaken your own attachment to your ex, stop giving them the power over you, and this can only be done if you heal and move on from the breakup so you can start being rational and attractive again.

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