By Jaber Al Nahian On March 28, 2014 · 10 Comments · In Facebook Have you been waiting for your favorite Facebook friends to come online? Really don't mean to get the thread off topic but I can't believe how much they are making this a big deal. Pretty sure controller updates do not require you to connect the pad except for the one needed to use the headset adapter?
Only issue i have with the updates, is they didn't include the cable, oddly there are some people who don't have these cables.
I wonder how this guy feels about having to connect the ps4 to the charger after 8 hours, must be torture or just any device in general to charge it daily. I wonder how this guy feels about having to connect the ps4 to the charger after 8 hours, must be torture. I wonder how he feels about getting out of bed in the morning, all that stretching and leg moving!
The PlayStation 4 continues to be the best-selling console of the current generation, but with the Xbox One on an upward trend Sony needs to make sure that it delivers the functionality that gamers have been asking for a long time. A new video seems to show that gamers will soon be able to get pop-ups for friend notifications, a feature which makes an appearance in Destiny but at the moment has not been officially announced by the company as coming in a future firmware update. Presumably the company wants to make sure that the Party feature of its home console will be used by more people in the future.

It’s also unclear how much control users of the PlayStation 4 will have over the feature when it is finally introduced. The community has been asking for such a feature since the home console was released, but Sony has not talked about it officially until now. At the moment, the company is not willing to share its plan for firmware updates with the fans, but presumably a new one will be offered in either January or February 2015, judging by the update delivery pace over the past 12 months. PlayStation 4 is currently the leader of the current generation, but the Xbox One has managed to deliver a solid performance in November in the United States, on the back of the extra 50 dollar (35 Euro) reduction in price that Microsoft introduced on a temporary basis. Sony seems to be unwilling to cut the price of its own device and that means that it needs to focus on adding extra functionality to the console and on launching more exclusive titles. The company also aims to introduce more features to the PlayStation Network, and in 2015, it will focus more on the PlayStation Now streaming service, which is designed to allow players to get quick access to titles for lower prices. At the moment, both Sony and Microsoft are focused on moving as many consoles as possible to players in the run up to Christmas, which means some solid bundles are offered in stores and online.
It’s a pain and waste of time to wait for someone to come online and you should have tired in this case! So wouldn’t it be nice if you are busy with your own work and instantly get notified  by your phone when your desired Facebook friends come online? For your knowledge, every email on the Internet has to have headers per RFC standards, and they’re added by the servers handling the email.

The email client on the receiving end may omit these headers, but they will be there regardless.
Now grab a good Base64 to ASCII text Converter and decode the string to get the IP address. For example, Web sites and other servers must have their IP address publicized in order to get traffic. How email hacking works?Now that you have the IP, What next?Now that you already have the IP address you can do lot of things. If it’s serious issue i would recommend take the IP address and go file FIR against that person. Go to the below address and paste the IP address in the box that says a€?lookup this ip or websitea€?. Now in the MAP Just click on a€?click for big ip address locationa€? in the big picture you can actually zoom in. If any serious matter just note down the ISP details in that page and contact them about the IP.

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