FOX 17 News talked to one of his close friends, and the superintendent of Kelloggsville Public Schools.
Phillips has known Blue since middle school and even though Blue had moved around a lot over the years, Phillips said they always kept in touch. Kelloggsville Superintendent Samuel Wright said Blue’s only trouble was being late to school from time to time. Bangladeshi Muslims carry the body of Xulhaz Mannan who was stabbed to death by unidentified assailants for his funeral in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tuesday, April 26, 2016.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina blamed the main opposition party and allied militants for Monday night's killings. The victims of the most recent attack were identified as USAID employee Xulhaz Mannan, who previously worked as a U.S.
Mannan, a cousin of former Foreign Minister Dipu Moni of the governing party, was also an editor of Bangladesh's first gay rights magazine, Roopbaan. Police said no arrests have been made in the attack, which involved at least five young men who posed as courier service employees to gain access to Mannan's apartment building. After the attack, a crowd in the area and patrolling police chased the assailants, senior police official Shibli Norman said.
A security guard working at the building said he was injured when one of the attackers hit him with a knife while fleeing.
Crime scene investigators recovered a mobile phone and bag apparently left by the attackers. Prime Minister Hasina quickly blamed the radical Jamaat-e-Islami group and its political ally, the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Repeating the government's usual accusations, Hasina said the opposition was orchestrating the attacks to destabilize the country and upset her secular rule, while also retaliating against the government's efforts to prosecute war crimes committed during the country's 1971 war of independence.
The opposition denies the allegations, saying they are being scapegoated for Hasina's failure to maintain security and placate the country's desire for Islamic rule.
State Department spokesman John Kirby said Monday that remained an option, while describing Mannan as a "beloved member of our embassy family and a courageous advocate" for gay rights, and pledging U.S.
The rights group Amnesty International noted that Bangladesh considers homosexual relations a crime, making it harder for gay activists to report any threats against them. If you are logging in for the first time after June 29, 2015, you will need to create a new account.
Brooke Baldwin had her trip of a lifetime cut short on Monday morning after she was struck by a car in the U.S. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
An overabundance of guns and lack of accountability, gang affiliation, plain carelessness continues to equal somebody or bodies ending up dead. Why would being kicked out of a nightclub by a bouncer entice 26-year-old Dalone “Smack” Jamison to leave the club, then come back and unload his weapon chamber into a crowd of innocent people? Adding insult to injury, Jamison obviously freaked out when he learned who he had hit, because he immediately posted a photo of himself with that female friend at a club…weeks earlier. Want to read more articles like this one? Subscribe to EURnewsletter.Got A News Tip or Video You Want to Share?

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The Electronic Urban Report not only has the hottest trending headlines, but rich original content with a unique perspective.
Make sure to browse the Electronic Urban Report daily to get your fill of the urban news you need to know. PITTSFIELD — About four minutes before the car crash that claimed his life, Garrett Norton texted a friend with what would be his final words. Norton, 21, of Housatonic, was referring to his friend Kyle Bailey, who was behind the wheel of the car as it was careening into Great Barrington.
Bailey, 23, of Glendale, was sentenced to four years in jail on Wednesday after pleading guilty to motor vehicle homicide, operating under the influence and other charges in connection with the crash in the early hours of April 4, 2015. The text message was revealed during an approximately 90-minute plea hearing in Berkshire Superior Court. Bailey said all he could do was ask for forgiveness, but he understood it may not be forthcoming. Norton's father, Mike, addressed the court and spoke of his, "beautiful boy" who was well on his way to becoming a successful auto mechanic.
He said witnesses told investigators Bailey drank four or five beers at Norton's home before the trio went to two different bars where Bailey drank more beer and at least one shot of liquor before getting behind the wheel. Another witness who was driving in the area shortly before the crash told investigators she saw Bailey's car approach hers from behind at an estimated 50 to 60 mph in wet and foggy conditions, before passing her in a no-passing zone and continuing in the oncoming lane for approximately a half-mile. When police arrived at the crash scene later that morning, Bailey admitted he made a mistake and asked police to help Norton, who was pinned in the car, unresponsive, but still breathing. LeBlanc noted that Bailey had accepted responsibility for his actions from the moment he met him, in contrast to many other defendants, and was anxious to resolve the case via a guilty plea, rather than put the families of Norton and Moriarty through the emotional rigors of a trial.
Judge John Agostini rejected the prosecution's recommendation of 5 to 7 years in state prison, noting that prison would not be appropriate for Bailey. The judge acknowledged no sentence he could deliver would satisfy anyone affected by the case. During probation, Bailey must refrain from drugs and alcohol, submit to random screenings and participate in whatever counseling the Probation Department deems appropriate. Agostini said he sympathized with the families gathered in the courtroom, but didn't reserve much of that sympathy for Bailey. Contact Bob Dunn at 413-496-6249.Kyle Bailey is led out of Berkshire Superior Court on Wednesday moments after being sentenced to four years in jail in connection with the death of his friend Garrett Norton. Welcome to your discussion forum: Click the login link below to sign in with or to set up a Disqus account or to access your social networking account.
But when the police approached Jamison the following day to place him under arrest, his story had changed. Jamison has been charged with murder, two counts of assault and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A couple of Australian troublemakers have filmed the moment their friend dressed in a bunny suit believes that his practical joke has backfired and triggered a heart attack which killed a man.

An intelligence test that swept the web when it asked people to 'share if you understand' has been followed up by another test. The banned group Ansar-al Islam, the Bangladeshi branch of al-Qaida on the Indian subcontinent, has claimed responsibility for the killings of gay rights activist Mannan and his friend in the capital, Dhaka. But a different group of radical Islamists claimed responsibility Tuesday for the attack, raising doubts about Hasina's repeated assurances that authorities have the security situation under control even as months of deadly attacks continue against outspoken atheists, moderates and foreigners. Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the "barbaric" murders in a statement Monday and said the U.S.
A policeman briefly caught one of the attackers but was injured when the man hit him with a sharp weapon and fled, Norman said. With your help, we will provide a friendly, safe, easy to use place on the Web for everyone in the area to share not only opinions but also information of community interest. And in the process, accidentally gunned down his friend, Walikque Faussett, who was the mother of a three-year-old boy, along with two other women.
I’m for the death penalty in all states and maybe fools will think before they shoot and kill innocent people. From black celebrity news and gossip to the latest in the political world, health and international affairs, you can trust the EUR to provide you with the latest information and opinions on today’s biggest stories. Don’t miss a single day of important information from the leader of online urban news and entertainment. Barry said Bailey's blood alcohol concentration was over twice the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle. He cited other OUI homicide cases in which defendants with no criminal record served as little as 18 months of jail time.
Bailey was driving with a blood alcohol content over twice the legal limit when he crashed last April 4. And in the process, accidentally gunned down his friend, who was the mother of a three-year-old boy, along with two other women. A group of people had identified Jamison as the shooter and with the photo, taken two weeks prior, he was trying to create an alibi. Blue died after he was shot Wednesday night by pursuers after he left a Rapid bus on 44th Street at Rhodes Avenue. All donations would be deeply appreciated no matter how big or how small.'For those who know Brooke they would know she is one of the strongest, most generous and caring girls who would do anything to help others. Timothy’s friend broke his right leg and was admitted to Sarawak General Hospital.Police call on members of the public who may have witnessed the incident to come forward to assist in the investigation of the fatal crash.
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