Several Alik'r mercenaries approach the Dragonborn, explaining that they are searching for a Redguard woman living in Whiterun under a false name. Siding with either Saadia or the Alik'r grants the Dragonborn 500 , but an additional 250 can be looted from Kematu's body if he is killed or pickpocketed.
If the Dragonborn sides with the Alik'r soldiers and Saadia is paralyzed, then she may be killed without penalty. If Kematu captures Saadia through the help of the Dragonborn, various items in The Bannered Mare can be taken without imposing a bounty. If the Dragonborn kills her when she asks to speak privately and pulls out her knife it does not count as self-defense, and may incur a bounty. If the Dragonborn kills Saadia, or sides with Kematu and the Alik'r, during this quest, her burial urn will appear in Whiterun Catacombs, through the iron door on the left. While paralyzed, Saadia cannot be activated, even though the prompts for speaking to and pickpocketing her will appear. So now I’m back at Jorrvaskr, in the bed that I decided I would claim for myself, with an extra pillow that Tilma gave me as well as some hot herbal tea that is making me so sleepy. It would seem that I horribly misjudged Bleak Falls Barrow… And it nearly cost me my life.
When I got to the last room of the place, I passed a curved wall with some writing on it that resembled more of claw scratches than actual letters. Before I even got to the city gates, I heard what seemed to be the end of a very violent altercation. She then proceeded to lecture me about how a true warrior seeks out the opportunity for battle and blah blah blah. As I was stalking back to the road, arms crossed at my chest, the large one called out to me. So I told the Jarl about the stupid dragon, and he seemed to think I could be of more use to him, and asked for my help. I would expect that not much of the town is left now, after that dragon attack earlier today.

I traveled to Skyrim to flee my past in High Rock and to start my life over while I am still young. Anyway, just as I was being thrown down at the block, a dragon came out of nowhere and, well, it saved my ass is what it did. Hadvar’s uncle, Alvor, has kindly asked me to travel to Whiterun to inform the Jarl of the dragon so that much-needed preparations could be made to keep Riverwood from meeting the same end as Helgen. At first, I didn’t know what the hell happened between the time I went to sleep this morning and the time I woke up, but it felt as if my very joints were locked tight.
I dreamed of fighting again, beating down my enemies one by one and feeling the power of the magic tingle in my fingers. But once she realized I was serious in joining, and could actually be of some use, she lightened up. I can practically smell her inexperience, especially when she brags about killing that bear. How can he expect to be any good in a battle when he practically inhales mead as he would air? You know, those dead things that seem to randomly sprout from the walls when you least expect them and attack you? It was like remembering all that I had given up the moment I decided to leave for Skyrim to start over. Upon my approach, a particular word glowed a bright blue, and then my eyes went fuzzy to black, and everything went back to normal again.
I just followed the well-dressed, self-important-looking redguard and he led me right to it. I escaped Helgen with an Imperial soldier named Hadvar, and followed him to his uncles home in a quiet town called Riverwood. She claims the Alik'r are assassins hired by the Aldmeri Dominion, who want her dead for her speaking out publicly against the Dominion.
I surely hoped that I was in enough shape to take on a few dead men and still be able to walk afterwards, but I honestly felt like I’ve been hit with a runaway cart.

Compared to most of the other buildings I have found myself in so far, she keeps Jorrvaskr spotless. I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear about how anger managing it is to set things on fire.
But if the barrow itself wasn’t bad enough, as soon as I left it and made my way for Riverwood, I was attacked by a pack of wolves.
If I were looking for a battle I would’ve gone to Solitude or Windhelm or into the depths of some forboding cave.
She drew her weapon, and demanded that I state my business, for apparently the Jarl had more important things to do than lend his ear to one of the few survivors of a dragon attack. If I go snooping around in complicated affairs such as this one, I’m just begging for my bloody history to repeat itself. So why did one swoop down out of the mountain side and save my ass from the chopping block? The Alik'r, however, claim Saadia fled Hammerfell after betraying her noble family, and the Redguard city of Taneth, to the Aldmeri Dominion.
The mercenaries want to apprehend her and take her back to Hammerfell, where she will be tried for treason. Obviously seeing my intense interest in the subject, she told me that she and the others belonged to a band of warriors, the Companions of Jorrvaskr. Sure, she sold every kind of potion I could think of, including a potion of cure disease that I so desperately needed to rid myself of this Rockjoint. Of course, it won’t be ridiculous a few months from now, when I have done enough for the Companions to have amassed some small fortune.

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