Tim Clinton, LPC, LMFT, is president of the nearly 50,000-member American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and the founder of Light University Online, which has more than 160,000 students enrolled. Money Smart Life calls this article "Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone" - if you keep a gratitude journal you know that it quickly becomes much more about being grateful for the transient things. Over-Choiced (Seal Press, 2010), which covers a wide range of topics including sections devoted to love, career, money and play.
Amalia McGibbon has an English degree from Stanford and works as a freelance food and travel writer based in London. Lara Vogel is an MBA student in the UK who co-founded Hope Runs, a non-profit organization in Kenya. Over-Choiced is a forthcoming book (Seal Press, 2010) co-written by Amalia McGibbon, Lara Vogel and Claire Williams. Over-Choiced explores the radically different ways that today's twenty- and thirty-somethings approach life and love in this generation. A Choyster is inundated by choices and has a hearty belief that the world is his or her oyster. Lane January 21 - 23, 1991 No sound files are available for the interview with Justice Coleman.
If you’re willing to change destructive relationship patterns in your life, God will help you break free from them and enjoy healthy relationships. Instead, Jesus spoke the truth to people and let them freely make their own choices about how to respond.
Then pray about each of those strongholds, confessing and renouncing the sins that relate to them and exercising your God-given authority over evil.

Each of these practices is like holding up a mirror to relationships so you can see them more clearly from God’s perspective.
Decide to trust the most important people in your life to God, who has much more power than you do to help them. Then take back responsibility for your own decisions from others who have inappropriately tried to control you, and set boundaries to protect yourself from taking on responsibilities that other people should be handling.
You must speak the truth to people with whom you’ve shared dysfunctional relationships, so you can work to change those relationships for the better. A licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist, he is also professor of counseling and executive director of the Center for Counseling and Family Studies at Liberty University. Pat served on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ and was an executive at Rapha Treatment Centers. Everything - even the simplest things (the sun being out and warm on your face, the bed you slept in) can be cause for gratitude. She received her undergraduate degree from Stanford and will return to Stanford University for medical school next year. We argue that having too many choices impacts our desires and leads us to sidestepA  traditional time lines. Or maybe you’re trying to control others, such as by making unreasonable demands on a coworker or rescuing your children when they make mistakes rather than letting them learn from the consequences. Let your crisis draw your attention to the fact that your unhealthy relationships are actually costing you more than they’re giving you. Ask God to release you and the people you’re in relationships with from all negative spiritual forces associated with each stronghold.

At the heart of our theory is a term we coined - "choyster" - that best describes our bizarre little generation. So confess and repent of idolatry in your life, and move God to His rightful place at the center of your life as the one you love most. Stay strong, however, and eventually they may learn new, healthier ways of relating to you. Other helpful resource topics include: Christian singles, parenting, homeschool, finances and debt.
Invest more time and energy into nurturing your relationship with God than you do into any other relationship.
Prepare a written agenda for your meetings with people, and focus only on a few major issues in your relationship instead of every way you all have hurt each other. When God becomes your top priority in life, all of your relationships with people will become healthier as a result.
Enjoying a close relationship with God will make you sensitive to any sin (such as destructive ways of relating to others) that interferes with that relationship, and motivate you to grow closer to God every day.

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