Take a quick divorce for instance, the motivated spouse might say, “I’ll agree to sign the documents or agree to your terms if you just give me three days at this Marriage Helper 911 workshop to help bring me closure and to validate that the relationship is over or there’s a way forward.” That’s how you might motivate them to consider the workshop.
Again, it might be a better deal in the divorce or it might be to let your children feel that you have done everything that’s important to do before such a major decision that impacts their lives is taken. Also, let the reluctant spouse understand what they are getting into in this three day workshop.
For more information on the Marriage Helper 911 Workshop and what it can do for your marriage, and more information on how you can approach it if your spouse is reluctant, go HERE.
If your spouse is reluctant and you would like for them to read more about the Marriage Helper 911 Workshop, have them visit HERE. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 866-903-0990 or complete the form below for information on our workshop if you don’t wish to call. If you and your spouse cannot attend a Marriage Helper 911 weekend or your spouse refuses to get any marriage help, there is still hope.
If your marriage is on the verge of separation or divorce, click here to get more information on our intensive workshop that saves marriages!
This intensive seminar, called Marriage Helper 911, has a 3 out of 4 success rate in saving marriages that would likely end in divorce otherwise.
Call 1-866-903-0990 now or complete the form below to receive more information on this life-changing seminar. Dear Joe, My wife and I both felt our weekend in Marriage Helper was a high water point in our marriage. Complete the form below to be contacted with more information or call us toll free at (866) 903-0990 to speak with someone live. Even if your marriage is suffering from anger, affairs, dishonesty, loss of passion, abandonment, or other issues, this workshop can turn around your relationship and resurrect commitment, passion, love, joy, and trust. For more information call (615) 472-1161 or complete the form below to request more information.
What kinds of things can you tell your spouse that may motivate him to attend the workshop?
The workshop educates you about essential elements of a good relationship – covering principles that many people haven’t been taught in life or that they don’t understand the power of. If you have children, the principles you’ll learn about how to communicate without hurting each other further and how to get along peacefully will be of extreme value to co-parenting.
We share a methodology for compromising when you disagree with each other so that neither one of you loses.
THE BENEFIT TO EACH OF YOU: You will never be taken advantage of again because you will know how to get what is important to you. The workshop also leads you to understand more about you – your personality, your dreams, your inner peace, and your future. The workshop will help you think clearly about your future, no matter what path you intend to take. We show you the power of your dreams, and how you can use that to move forward in life no matter what happens. THE BENEFIT TO EACH OF YOU: You can harness the power of a life altering dream so that you have a life well-lived and well-loved. We explain how you can get past your hurt, loose chains of anger that negatively affect you, and even learn to forgive and trust again if you choose to do so.

THE BENEFIT TO EACH OF YOU: You will find a peace deep within yourself, no matter what you have done or what has been done to you. What if you share this information and your spouse still has reluctance to attend the workshop? Reassure your spouse that we do not twist anyone’s arm to stay married nor do we manipulate things. It’s because we explain so many crucial things in ways by not only presenting the principles but illustrating them clearly though stories of real people.
For example, two men and one woman who lead the workshop have been involved in limerent affairs. Additionally, one man and one woman who lead the workshop are the spouses who were cheated on. You may wish to ask your spouse to watch this video made especially for people reluctant to come to the workshop. I’ve recently dug up an interesting article that categorizes relationships into 10 different kinds.
Teenagers and young adults who are looking for a sense of identity form relationships based on sexual validation. Seems to be the most perfect of relationships and everyone around them sees it as a great relationship.
Gentleness, support, and comfort  characterize this relationship srather than great passion.
This is a relationship that is a cross between the kind of relationships you use to have the kind you want. Just some websites where you can fake texts for iPhone, status from Facebook and stuff like that.
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What is motivating them in this separation or divorce process?” When you’re able to identify those things, then you are able make some kind of a deal with them in return for attending the workshop.  Some of the most common motivations include money, time with the kids or a speedy divorce.
So many people walk out of a marriage without showing their children they at least tried and it ends up affecting their relationship negatively years down the road. They need to know that they are not coming to some high pressure event where people are going to say, “This is what you have to do, you must do it.” A reluctant spouse is naturally going to be thinking that the entire three days of the workshop is meant to beat them up or guilt them into staying in the marriage. Therefore, before a person offers anything, he or she must consider carefully, “Am I really willing to give this? Because of the unusually high success rate of his marriage seminars in saving troubled marriages, Joe Beam has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Focus on the Family, Fox Business News, The Dave Ramsey Show, Better Homes and Gardens, People Magazine, The Montel Williams Show and other national media.
We have turned things around and are doing the exercises in the workbook we brought home, to strengthen our relationship.

As we explained throughout the retreat, my wife and I know that we were led to this workshop by God.
That is extremely beneficial to both to you even if you decide that relationship will not be with each other. We don’t teach parenting principles per se, but showing you how to remove conflict from your interactions is crucial to your children’s emotional well-being. The reluctant spouses who come can tell you that we treated them with respect and did not try to coerce them to stay married. Those who are there who have been hurt by their spouse’s affair have people to whom they can relate and who understand the hurt, the fear, the tough process of forgiving, learning to trust again, and more. Some go so far as to agree to sign the divorce papers after the workshop if the reluctant spouse attends. Each couple tends to come with their own quirks, their own traditions, their own struggles. This technique works until I hook up the clutch cable and the cable pulls the lever forward the spring snaps and then there is no load on the omega spring . Being strong and confident and comfortable, letting the other person know, “I love you and I want to be with you, but I can definitely live without you if you choose not to do this.” That is a positive way to approach the subject of attending the workshop. The point is to somehow find a trade-off here, something that you can give your reluctant spouse in return for three days. Will I really do it?” If they are not ready to live up to their end of the offer, then, by all means, do not offer it.
The extraordinary success level of his marriage seminar in helping troubled marriages has been studied by Universities and prominent researchers. I wish every couple with pain in their marriage could know what a weekend in your class will do for them.
The changes that we experienced throughout the weekend were phenomenal, especially given where we have been. It was great to meet everyone in the group and I really feel like we have friends and support that will last a lifetime. I have so much information that needs to go into the story for people to understand, that I’m having trouble starting it. We have seen many seemingly helpless situations completely turn around and save their marriage. I came away understanding what was happening in our lives and understanding my husband more than ever before. We respect everyone’s right to make his or her own decision, and so we respect that right in you. Therefore, if you offer a trade, be sure it is something you are willing to give if after the workshop you spouse doesn’t want to salvage the marriage.

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