Many a times in our lives, we are limiting our experience with others or limiting their experience with us. You can even change your experience with others simply by changing the way you perceive them, even when they haven’t really changed.
Knowing that perception creates reality is the reason why we instinctively care about how others perceive us.
If we compliment people with all the good things we think they are, they subconsciously have to become congruent with that perception around you. Read that again “If we compliment people with all the good things we THINK they are (not necessarily what they actually are), they subconsciously have to become congruent with that perception around you.
We have power over other people’s perception of us by our perceptions of their perceptions towards us. If others are thinking about you in a negative way, realize that you also thinking about them in a negative way. You can also alter your experience with others in the moment by altering your perception of them in the moment. Imagine a bright white cloud covering that person from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. Of course you will have to decide when to change your perceptions about others and to what extent according to your intentions. Our perception affect our experiences with others as well as the experiences that others have among each other in profound ways.
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Most of the times, it requires a long deep relationship with your partner to build a thing called commitment.
When we already have this long deep relationship, there comes the problem, not only for ourselves but also for our partner and the people around us, of having the fear of commitment that we think that the deepening of the relationship may end up failing and making us feel bad and guilty. We can’t miss a single story of men and women who have believed to in their fate in finding their soul mates and getting to feel happy and secure in their love making trips, dinners and romantic weekends together. When worse comes worst, one cannot understand the reasons behind it, and cannot identify what one could have possible done (or not done) to make it pass to make him single again. Some people, both men and women, who cannot commit are afraid of such for they think that commitment is beyond the control of their hands that requires something serious like marriage which makes them hard to compromise and they even get to the point of being intimidated. It is giving your word even if you know that many obstacles will come in your way; hence, you still say that you will do such a thing and you must do it for having a commitment is as valuable as having life. A woman of 30 having a year with a guy told me her situation: Her partner is very fond of her, and at the time of their relationship, they enjoyed many things and special moments together. But she does not feel safe for on other instances, the guy was in love but the relationship did not come to fruition and eventually went to breaking up. The fear of commitment makes us unstable, and therefore can make us lose the best opportunities life is offering us. On the other hand, if you are not completely happy, if we cannot really decide to commit the man who claims to love for we may not be in love. When we’re not willing enough to commit, men who wants such commitment will later on get tired of us.

At the end we may just stay crumbs and be with those men who are not able to really commit to a woman and just want to seek for nothing serious. Men like to feel sure of the person they want to commit because it makes them more valuable. We must remember that we create the reality of our interactions according to the perception we have about others. Expect them to change or have changed instead of expecting them to be the same as they were before. When you change your perception of others, you change the consciousness you attract from them and you also literally change the way they are.
It does matter what others think about us because their thoughts do influence the way we are and what they are able to experience from us.
This is the power of influence – to draw out a particular quality in an individual even if it is not clearly manifest. When you think your friend doesn’t like another person, you will unwittingly suggest through your gestures and words that it is so. Sometimes you have to perceive someone as a threat or something to avoid long enough for you to deal with when they are intending to hurt you or hurting you whether intentionally or unintentionally. All the power is with you and you can change your reality by changing the way you perceive others, helping others change their perceptions of you and helping others change their perceptions of each other. Sharing Love and Knowledge is the real power and we need to reflect this in our lives to create a more harmoneous world. They then suddenly see, even without knowing, how that person is going on with their lives.
It is because we do not want to disappoint either ourselves or the person who loves us, so we run away from commitment. In life you have to learn to make commitments for we cannot live forever building castles in the air.
This frees up the relationship for growth and transformation rather than causing the same old problems to keep reoccurring.
You create and attract everything into your experience including your interactions with people.
That is the reason why some people bring out the best in us while some people bring out the worst in us.
You want others to change their perception of you so that they will change how they are affecting you as well as their experience with you.
We normally reflect the way people perceive us and people normally perceive us the way we project ourselves to them. Stop thinking about others in a negative way and they will stop thinking about you in a negative way. Even if that is true, you will only serve to reinforce the dislike that your friend has for another.
So while you are talking with someone and you’re both thinking and feeling all kinds of angry and unhappy things about each other, but all of a sudden you switch to thinking about that person in a positive and loving way, you’ll cause an instant or gradual shift in their thoughts, feelings and behavior towards you magically. Fill the cloud with the most loving feelings by mentally saying phrases such as “I love you”, “You are a wonderful person”, “I send you love, peace and happiness”, “You are a perfect being.

You have to use whatever perception is useful in the moment and not any longer or shorter than necessary. For when we are afraid of such, our partners lose interest or end up breaking over the relationship, running away and losing everything by not knowing how to engage more. If we ask so many questions, may be because love has not yet to come into our lives, not yet known and therefore we are not happy as one would expect. Life is very different from what is presented in fairy tales, and therefore we need to commit to ourselves to let us know we that will not be sad and alone. But when they have changed or we have changed but our perception of them or the relationship doesn’t change, then we are limiting things between us to be the way they are. When others change and we still see them the way they were before, we prevent ourselves from perceiving the changes and therefore do not experience them. Your perception of others create what they are towards you, therefore changing your perception of them changes them. But always remember that your self perception is most important and has greater influence over you than any other.
Therefore if you think that they like you, you will act like that is true and hence you will influence them to like you with your positive actions. Choose instead to think about them in a positive way and they will start thinking about you in a positive way. But if you choose to perceive that your friend does like that person in some way, you will influence him to like that person through your words and body language while you are talking about that person. When you are experienced, you can simply visualize the cloud and extend positive and loving feelings.
In the end, who will come to us are those people who seek nothing serious, men who’s really not worth the gamble, men who lack the character and ability to compromise. Therefore if you want to experience what’s good about others, choose to perceive them in positive ways. Chances are, you act differently around each of them because they have a specific perception of you, in which you are subconsciously compelled to conform to. She still feels listless even though she is now in a beautiful relationship that has lasted over a year. Choose also to relate with those who perceive you positively more of the time than those who don’t.
She is in doubt whether or not they will increase their level in their relationship of having a commitment. So, this young woman wrote to us asking for opinion before making decisions they might regret.
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