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Robin Thicke has had his share of wake-up calls over the last few months and the creation of his new album Paula proves it. Sitting down with the Hot 97 morning crew to discuss the release and basis behind the new album, Robin opened up about everything dealing with his relationship. From infidelity to further declaration of his love for his estranged wife, Robin’s interview with Ebro answers more questions about his current journey to winning her back. Thicke does not appear in the clip, but he will appear live on “GMA” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tomorrow.
The 14 tracks were written and produced by Thicke with titles inspired by his estranged wife including “You’re My Fantasy” and the lead single “Get Her Back.” After the couple separated earlier this year, Thicke has been on a mission to win her back. He has also shot a video for “Still Madly Crazy,” which features 8-year-olds reenacting a wedding.
Thanks to USA Today, you can now stream the entire album in advance of its Tuesday release.

After dedicating the sweet song to his estranged wife Paula Patton at the show, the R&B crooner gives fans a chance to learn all the words with the official lyric video. Robin Thicke continued his campaign to regain the love and trust of his estranged wife Paula Patton at the BET Awards on Sunday night. Thicke and Patton announced their separation earlier this year and ever since Robin has been publicly making a plea to get her back.
Robin Thicke clearly wasn’t joking when he said he was willing to do anything to get his wife back. The smooth love song has been received well by fans and radio since it’s release in late May.
Mustard’s additions are subtle, keeping the feel of the original, while incorporating some sounds of his own like chimes and claps. As he pleads his case, Robin admits all his wrongs in the cinematic black-and-white visual. Thicke will release the brand new album Paula, dedicated entirely to his estranged wife, on July 1.

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Hitting shelves today, the interesting album comes after the news of the highly publicized split between himself and Paula Patton. Stating that its been four months since he’s seen Paula, he admits that he may have had a little too much fun during the success of his last album, Blurred Lines. Decked out in their formal wear, the adorable bunch sings along to the tender lyrics and toasts the bride and groom before getting into a cake fight.
Now, one of those fans-hitmaker of the moment DJ Mustard-has shared his own personal remix of the tender tune. Messages come up on the screen in the form of texts between the two high-school sweethearts, while he envisions Paula back in his embrace.

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