Mystical poetry and prose about spirituality, religion, dreams, death, war, peace, politics, Earth, nature, love, etc. In many families it is the moms or wives that take the lead in pulling together a successful and joyous holiday season, so naturally it is the ladies who will also experience most of the stress.
Notice that I did not say that you should plan a single holiday event, rather, start now and plan a series of mini holiday romances that are designed to show her that you recognize her efforts, care about her well being and love her dearly!
During this holiday season I’ll be giving you tips for keeping her feeling stress free, loved and amorous toward you. This will cap off her long challenging day with an oasis of love, support and relaxation created by the man she most adores. Chapman’s premise is time tested and true it states that we all feel love in five distinctly differ forms.
The major commitment I recommend is to schedule this special time together and do so consistently over a period of a few months and watch your bond grow deeper and feel the sparks begin to ignite more frequently and with an intensity you may have never dreamed possible! Divide evenly onto 2 plates or pasta bowls and sprinkle with parmesan if you have it and sprinkle goat cheese over top. For more love and relationship tips on keeping your love life sweet and spicy, subscribe below to receive The Love Letter! If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member.
Unfortunately what usually accompnies these festive activities is what feels like a year worth of STRESS! It is for this reason gentlemen that I am suggesting that you start planning for your lover the perfect series of Holiday Romance.

Today I’ll give you a great scenario for making her arrival home more inviting than a day at the most glorious spa.
This will reinforce her decision to be yours in the first place as well as create for her a retreat in her own home where she feels open to relax, let her hair down and unwind.
Gentlemen, be sure and remember that the impact of any gift is greatly enhanced if it is done when not expected. What you will find is that when you do this you create a margin for error for yourself if you do happen to forget an occassion, or do something that might otherwise get you in the doghouse. Romantic gifts can range from the simple, like a single rose on a random Monday, to the extravagant slipping a diamond tennis bracelet as described in Eric’s Erotic Bedroom Surprise, in Sweeping Her Off Her Feet With Food. Simply think of some little thing she likes, stop by the store on the way home from work today or tomorrow and pick it up for her.
If you are trying to seduce your lover or romance her simply to make her feel special it is critical to understand how she interprets the signals you are sending. For instance when she shows up at your place for a romantic meal and you have written a sexy or loving card, and a single rose.
Birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions are often obligatory and naturally you don’t want to create tension with your lover by not giving gifts when expected, but it is the giving during the unexpected times that makes romance so sweet to her. Add a sweet little card expressing your reverence for her and put it in a cute little gift bag or box.
If time is her primary love language and you are sending her a bouquet of roses after not seeing her and spending quality time with her your gesture will not sink in and have its desired effect.
You have touched 4 different love languages the first of which is TIME because you are there spending quality time together.

But best of all were the succulent kalamata olives that just add that special taste of the Med to any dish. Also make a point to find out what she’s doing so you know the days she most needs some pampering. What matters is how well you have considered what she likes when you chose the gift(s) and the frequency in which you give her gifts which is how she feels your love for her.  If you are consistency giving her sweet little gifts that touch her heart she will continually find herself falling in love with you and feeling a passion for you that is wonderful. Even if its as simple as she loves Snickers Bars, get it, wrap it up and give it to her with a note saying how wonderful you think she is and this is simply a token of your appreciation and love for her. Stir in tomatoes, capers, olives, oregano chili paste and cook for 1 minute stirring occasionally. If you know she has a long day at work followed by a long list of holiday commitments, make a plan to greet her on her arrival home with a glass of her favorite wine, a hot bubble bath and a long relaxing back rub. Every now and then if your budget allows go out and get something more significant like a bracelet, earrings or some other jewelry she likes. Dude, repeat this every week with sincere intentions for the next six weeks and check back and let me know how much your romance has soared!!! If you and your lover take Chapman’s love language test and realize that here language is in fact time that is where you should place the bulk of your relationship focus.
It doesn’t have to be complicated, walks in the park, turn off the TV and have a sincere talk and listen to her…listen to her!

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