Note that on XDA there is a way to get a different emoji set, in this case Microsoft's Segoe UI Symbol. You will notice some differences like somewhat bigger, clearer emoji characters as well as more emoji characters. Microsoft's emoji font is shown below for illustration purposes only because I believe this method to be illegally pirating a Windows font. So my question is, my Nexus 4 can see emoji in other apps besides messaging (although in black and white). Originally Posted by DeadpoolJunior So my question is, my Nexus 4 can see emoji in other apps besides messaging (although in black and white).
WRITING emoji seems to depend more on stock Google Android having the emoji keyboard as described above.

I understand it is confusing, I believe I have figured out the theory behind it but need to try out different demo models at the shops in the next few weeks. This is AndroidEmoji.ttf and Segoe UI Symbol, recently updated by Microsoft to include emoji as below.
S3 and One S will need Multiling Keyboard to WRITE emoji because it is not stock Google Android. It is only Black & White because standard font files do not have images, it is custom stuff done by iOS and apps like GoSMS. It is apparently NOT in the TTF file itself, because TTF does not support colour or images at this stage. This gives you a unlimited access to all the unlocked adult emoji for life including future updates!

He really didn't mind what phone he got just one thats not too big, takes great pictures, and would get 4.1 eventually on stock so he could send emoji again (doesn't want to root or anything). When the One S gets 4.1 I just want to know if emoji will appear in other apps like Twitter and Instagram now. On my buddies GS3 that got the Tmobile 4.1 update about a month ago, I still couldn't see it from his phone so im wondering if this is only possible on stock Android.

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