The prints we carry are produced using either the lithographic or serigraphic printing process and are printed on high quality archival acid free paper.
Each print is of the highest museum art print reproduction quality and are supplied by the world's leading art publishers. These prints rival any detailed reproduction from their originals and are geared towards the discerning eye of the particular art collector. Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. I don’t care whether the sun rises or not, my morning starts only after I text my girl who I love a lot. When im with you , its like im seeing the god in front of me thats hw important you are to me. It’s really hard to wait for the right person in your life especially when the wrong ones are so cute! I may be gone for a minute, second, hours and for a day, but I will always be here for you. If the early morning sky was a representation of every person I know, you are the sun and everyone else are the fading stars, soon to disappear by your blazing love.

Now you can free download these romantic love messages for your  MSN Messenger or Facebook,enjoy the coolest nick names that you can use in MSN Messenger.
If love is a disease then I’m very ill, but I don’t want medicine, I won’t take no pill, I will suffer this illness coz it makes me see exactly how much you mean 2 me!
There are Tulips in my garden, there are Tulips in the park, but nothing is more beautiful than our two lips meeting in the dark! I believe that God above, created you for me to love, He picked you out from all the rest, coz He knew I’d love you the best! Doubt that life is but a dice, Doubt that the sun doesn’t rise, Doubt that the world is bitter with full of vice, But never doubt that I love you.
If you were to check my cell phone one day, you will realise that yours will be the one and only name that appears in my inbox, sent messages and dialled numbers folder. G?od morning to ?y sweet princess,y?ur smile is ?hat makes ?y day,in ?he morning this ?ake me say,?hat you are ?he best thing ?hat happened in ?y life,to ?y pretty would ?e wife,have ? lovely day ahead!
Do you need a quick long or short term loan with a relatively low interest rate as low as 3%? We tease each other, chase each other, knock down each other, irritate each other but we cannot live without each other.

I might not be able to greet you “gud am”, “gud pm” or “gudnyt”, but I will never say goodbye!
But when we are apart, I can feel every ticking second of the clock hammering a nail in my heart.
Just copy it and set it as your nick name for MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger ,or your Facebook. Today, cell phones have become instrumental (pun intended) in bridging the gap between lovers, whatever may the hour be. Still, to stop the caller from fretting over multiple possibilities, technology broke through, or was made to.
Texting, or Messaging or SMSing, as it is known according to the modern lingo, was invented and viola: Caller became the sender.
However, if you are fresh at the relationship and feel light-headed on deciding what to text to your sweetheart, read through the lines that follow next.

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