There are lots of ways on internet to share files with your friends, family and even the rest of world.
One of the many other restriction apply by the Free File sharing websites is that they do not allow you to download files instantly which means that you have to wait between two downloads.
I spent a lot of time evaluating all these services for sending files to clients, and chose Sytern! Here comes a free LAN messenger, named SSuite NetVine, for private chat, file, and email sharing.
The software can automatically detect all the PCs connected on the same network and lets you start the chat or file sharing with any device.
To start instant messaging with other users, make sure they also run this software, and have opened IM feature.
Its self explanatory window makes it really easy for anyone to send and receive the emails. If you are in search for a server-less communication application that can also help you send emails and files, SSuite NetVine is a better choice in comparison to other similar tools. The popular free messaging app, Whatsapp is available for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. BlueStack Player Beta for Windows PC lets you install thousand of Android apps along with WhatsApp so that you can start sending and receiving messages from your friends on desktop.
Follow the steps below on how to install the latest BlueStacks Player Beta version and then download WhatsApp on it. Note: At a time a mobile number to attached to WhatsApp app can be used with only one device ie either on Windows desktop or on your mobile phone. If you have download a file and want to download another file you have to wait about 60 to 90 seconds. This software is suitable for offices and small organizations connected with the same network (LAN). After this, the chat window automatically fetches the list of available users on the network.
Instead of sending files via emails or using USB Flash drives, you can open File Transfer window of this software and select recipients from the list.

Apart from them, you can also access Inbox window, which shows all the sent and received emails and files. But a desktop version is not yet available for desktop OS making WhatsApp a mobile only service. Once after installing WhatsApp on Windows via BlueStack Player you can use your mobile phone number to authorize the newly installed app to load phone book contacts and other details associated with your account. Now verify your phone number by selecting your country and entering mobile number with country code. Once verified you will see the WhatsApp interface where you can compose a message and broadcast or send to your contacts. But the big problem with this method is that almost all file sharing websites have some sort of file size restrictions typically 200MB which is of-course now a days with high bandwidth and fastest internet speeds look very small file size. Instead of using other services that require a server to establish communication and start the conversation, you can take help of this peer to peer messenger. After opening the main interface of this software, you have the choice to select and use any feature as per your need.
You can attach pictures, preview an email, adjust formatting, and send emails to all or the selected contacts available on the network. The scene is changing as BlueStacks Player for Windows, a popular app that lets you install Android apps on desktop has been updated to fully support WhatsApp on it.
If you already have an account with BlueStacks login using the existing account credentials.
After getting the SMS with code on your mobile phone wait for the verification process on BlueStacks player to finish. Hit the menu button below the WhatsApp player to add contacts, delete messages, email messages etc.
So if you want to remove all these restrictions you have to buy premium membership on these file sharing websites. Secondly you can share unlimited amount of files with unlimited size which is awesome for Free users like us.
This service is a gift especially for our foreign brothers, it is a popular online SMS service of Pakistanis living abroad in USA, UAE, UK, Afghanistan, Iran, China, India Etc.

Where many other similar messengers are limited to provide only chat support, this software looks a really good option. This feature also comes with Voice Mail option using which you can record your voice and send it to the receivers. WhatsApp on BlueStacks player can be used to send and receive photos, map locations, audio notes and videos.
Note that most probably the verification process will fail with an option to verify using voice call.
To attach files including audio, video and map location  click the paper clip icon on top right corner.
Because of sever load on file sharing website servers you get very little download speed which means more time wasting. Using this service you can send and receive SMS without creating an account, So no login or SignUp is required for sending SMS all over Pakistan. The only condition is that you and other users must be running this software to establish the connection. Also you can use the smiley set available with the app to enrich your messages like what you already did on WhatsApp mobile app. Click that and you will then receive a voice call on your mobile along with a field where you need to enter the verification code.
There itself you can see the smiley emoticons icon from where you can quickly include various smileys in your messages. Choose which file you want to share with your friends and click open button and you are done.
Just send file share link which will appear on next screen and send it to your friends in order to download.
When they click on that link file start to download instantly with full speed according to your internet connection speed.

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