Ovo je prica o zivotu i vladavini jednog od najvecih turskih, ali i svjetskih osvajaca u povijesti. All you need to do is take the phone out of your pocket and play these heartbeat ringtones. We are all familiar with the sound of a heartbeat, but have you ever wondered how would it sound on your phone? There is no natural sound like that of hearts, while you are listening a beating heart you can feel how you start clearing up your thoughts.
Sounds used in Heartbeat Sounds Ringtones are under Public Domain or Creative Commons license, credited in the app, where appropriate.
Heartbeat Sounds Ringtones application has been tested on Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4, Google Nexus 5 and HTC One X, LG G3 among other phones.

This classification was assigned because: the application was scanned by the Aptoide Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were detected.
Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. Allows an application to monitor incoming SMS messages, to record or perform processing on them. This app free offers a variety of sounds, in our app you will find a sound of a heartbeat that will relax you. If you don't request this permission, you will not receive the broadcast at that time. Though holding this permission does not have any security implications, it can have a negative impact on the user experience by increasing the amount of time it takes the system to start and allowing applications to have themselves running without the user being aware of them.

Plus, all sounds are settable as cool ringtones for messages, so enrich your notification sounds collection with new ringtones. As such, you must explicitly declare your use of this facility to make that visible to the user.

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