Free sms - bulk sms - web sms - cheapest sms - online sms, Standard sms refers to an sms message no longer than 160 characters in length and sent to a standard gsm mobile. Message : - free sms-send sms messages free to the uk, Send free sms messages to uk mobile phones, any network, no signup, login or payment required. Standard SMS refers to an SMS message no longer than 160 characters in length and sent to a standard GSM mobile. This website allows you to send unlimited free sms text from pc  or computer to mobile without registration to anywhere in the world over internet,online. Finally , I came across a website that does the job.It allows you to send free sms worldwide and that too without registration.
You can also use this website to watch free online TV featuring many TV channels from numerous countries.
And Just like i previously said,All these features are without registration.You need not bother to register. Visit here to start sending free sms to more than 150 countries, watch online TV and to make free calls from your PC. I am a bit lazy to test each and every website that I have mentioned above.Pls do test it and let me know about it.

Now , if you are do not want to use the able website to send free sms text messages, you can also follow the below methods. This method involves use of Android Applications that have to be installed both on your pc and mobile.
So, after you install Bluestacks on your computer as guided in the above post, install any of the following free programs on your computer.
Please note that in order to send free sms to another mobile, that particular mobile should also have the same android application installed. Even if you do not have an android phone, you can still download the android applications and run them on your pc. If you enjoyed this post and wish to be informed whenever a new post is published, then make sure you subscribe to my regular Email Updates.
However, if you want to go through again, you can read How To Install Android Apps On Computer.
It is very simple to send sms text messages from pc to pc or from pc to mobile using the websites that I have mentioned in the beginning. However, the problem with some is that ( not all )  the sms text messages arrive a bit late.

So, the whole purpose of text messaging is defeated if your main concern is immediate messaging.
Please note that I am talking about the websites that I have mentioned in the beginning and not the android applications. Software features:Easily create and send text messages from your Personal computer to mobile phones in One Click. PC to Mobile text messaging software sends personalized SMS, event alert and notifications, season greetings, invitation, promotional campaigns, contacting employees, job alerts and more. You can enter sender phone number manually or loads from contact file or Phone Book memory.

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