Whether you're at work or in class, there are times when using your phone is unacceptable, regardless of that subtle yet sudden twitch in your arm that arises every time you hear the vibration of a text message.To combat being seen, addicted text messagers have devised ways to use their cell phones in secretive manners.
Another method is Jailbreaking your iPhone and installing "Veency"Then control your iPhone using Mac's inbuilt Screen sharing (VNC Client) or ubuntu's vinagre. A huge chunk of my life revolves around my computer, and whenever I'm on my laptop and get a text message notification on my phone, I find it extremely distracting to stop whatever I'm doing to hunt it down.
On Start , tap Messaging , and then tap the Thread that has the message or messages you want to forward. A Microsoft account, network connectivity, and data service contract may be required to use certain features; fees may apply.

That's why I'm a big fan of text messaging via my computer.While we have covered ways to text from the comfort of your browser, with the latest KitKat release, sending text messages from the web has been crippled. It syncs directly to your Android device's phone number so that you can remotely receive and sent text message from within any web browser—on a computer or a tablet. While receiving and sending will work just fine with any SMS app, it's recommended that you use Evolve for a better experience.
Backups, syncing, and basic functionally like deleting, marking as read, and saving picture messages have been restricted to only one messaging app.Thankfully, a new app has fixed what KitKat broke and allowed for full-featured texting from my laptop once again. Today, I'll show you how to text from your computer so that you never have to fumble around for your phone again while your working or lurking on Facebook.

If your message has more than one sentence, you'll need to say one sentence, then say "Add more" after each additional sentence, otherwise there won't be any punctuation in your message. You'll automatically see old and new messages synced over from your Android phone in the web UI, including your contact list, and any picture messages you have received. This is very useful for all the productivity nuts out there who are glued to their computer screen like I am.For more information on how EndlessJabber works, check out their video walkthrough below.

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