The Mac Messages app has long had support for sending and receiving iMessages, and now the latest versions of Messages for OS X support a new feature which allows you to send and receive SMS text messages as well.
Setting up SMS Relay is pretty easy but it requires a particular set of software and hardware requirements to work.
When finished, you can now both send text messages out from the Mac, and also receive text messages on your Mac in the Messages app. Do be mindful that text messaging fees vary per provider, whereas iMessage is free, so you probably don’t want to bombard someone with a green bubble with a million and one texts from your computer. It’s certainly worth pointing out that Mac users who use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) in Messages or iChat can also send and receive text messages through the AIM protocol as well, but the messages do not come to the recipient from your phone number and instead get sent from your AIM name.
Of course it worked fine with Mavericks (at the level it did things) as well, until the upgrade. For my computing habits, this single feature makes upgrading to Yosemite a must-do for all my employees and friends. I sat there waiting as well, until I realized that it was bouncing on my desktop at the bottom. I love the idea of being able to text with non-iOS users all from my Message application on my iMac. I am going to set this up to see if it’ll let me send text back and forth to a friend in Switzerland who is a rabid Android user.
After I set it up, it gets messages from that point forward, but is there a way to “download” all of the old messages from my iphone to my mac messages app?
Will i be able to text from my iphone and see it on the Mac computer incoming and outgoing if I forward it ?
This texting feature has always worked great on my macbook, but now that my phone is broken and won’t turn on it has stopped working. Sunny, you’re in luck because there is an entire detailed tutorial dedicated to sending and receiving text messages (and iMessages) with a Mac using the SMS relay protocol in OS X.
Does anyone know why I get SOME of the texts sent to my phone on my computer, but not ALL of them?
SMS Relay worked good with betas but if it stops working, you better upgrade to the final release of iOS 8.1 and OS X.
Although not part of specifications, make sure iMessage is switched ON and active on both Mac and iPhone.

Before you begin setting up SMS relay between your iPhone and Mac, you need to make sure there’s an email address associated with your Message app. Important note: This should be the same email ID as the one that is used for iCloud on your Mac.
Once you switch the toggle under Text Message Forwarding, you will be prompted to enter a code on the iPhone.
Snapchat is surely a great app to communicate with friends and family by capturing photos and sharing them. Water is undoubtedly the core ingredient of our survival and taking it adequately is mandatory for a healthy life. We all love YouTube because it has almost all variety of videos uploaded by millions of users around the globe. It's basically the best way to send texts from school or work without looking down at your phone all. Essentially you'll need to sign in with your Apple ID on both your computer and mobile device. Or else when you text people, your Apple ID email address would show up instead, which would be weird. This basically means that you can talk to someone using an Android, Windows phone, ancient flip phone, with the standard SMS texting protocol right from your Mac Messages app. This makes it really easy to communicate with every possible mobile phone user out there right from the desktop of OS X, since SMS is the standard text messaging protocol and supported by quite literally every cellular phone and cell phone provider.
And yes, media messages (MMS) will also arrive to the Messages app for Mac, so if your Android phone texts you a picture it will come across to OS X just like any other picture message would, visible in the chat window and then to be found within the Messages attachments folder.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! SMS from my Mac allows me to send URLs, attach screenshots and other photos, type full sentences without shortcuts and mistakes, and quickly take and make cell phone calls from the same headset that I’m using on my Mac Pro or MBA. One on my phone and a different one on the computer, I had to go back and sign into the same one and it worked.
For the time being i want to text on my macbook pro but i don’t know how and also when i click on messages it does not give me the option to sign in. The feature, called SMS Relay, was available since iOS 8.1 betas and has been working good for most folks.

It’s supposed to work on any device that runs iOS 8.1 and any Mac that is capable of running OS X Yosemite but right this moment, support is kind of sketchy.
This is not part of the specifications (many users have got SMS Relay working without using Handoff) but enable it just in case this has an effect. We’ve learnt that without an email ID selected in Send & Receive, Mac will not show the activate code in the next few steps.
Once you’ve entered the code, your Mac and iPhone should now be connected via SMS Relay. Here’s a complete tutorial on setting up your Mac to make and receive calls via your iPhone. Then you'll need to open the Settings app, select Messages, and enable iMessage on your iPhone. That may sound like a lot but it’s really not, basically it requires that you have modern versions of OS X and iOS with the Messaging feature enabled on both. However, Messages doesn’t always pick up that I am sending a message to an non-iMessage account (SMS). Tap on where it says Send & Receive, and make sure the correct Apple ID and phone number is associated with your device. Assuming that you meet the software and hardware requirements just outlined, let’s go ahead and add traditional texting support to the Messages app on the Mac. With iOS 8.1 and Yosemite installed, enjoying this seamless feature is just a few short taps and clicks away. Find out how to do it all in this speedy tutorial.Subscribe to Cult of Mac TV to catch all our latest videos. Set this to ON with a quick tap and your iPhone will start sending messages as SMS ones without you needing to intervene.Even with this toggled OFF, you can still send messages when they stall out with iMessage.

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