Whether your father is it's technologically savvy or not, chances are his text messages are a mix of awkward questions and cheesy-yet-adorable dad humor. This Father's Day, celebrate some of the funniest moments in texting brought to you by dads below. Yes, I would like to receive occasional email offers from our affiliated websites, partners and sponsors. A text is usually something you are sending to a friend, so revealing very personal information is totally acceptable. I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. We all love our moms, but when it comes to texting, your love is definitely put to the test. We’ve had quite a few posts on Bored Panda about hilarious mistakes that kids can make when they communicate with adults.

The following iPhone text messages are a perfect example of what can happen when someone who doesn’t understand the mores of modern social network communication tries to engage in it anyway. If any of these make you laugh, be sure to check out our post about hilarious auto-correct mistakes! Take a look at these 36 funniest text ever sent from parents to their kids, and if you want tell us your favorite in the comments.
And when it's a text for someone who is more than a friend, there's usually lots of skin involved. A few of us were discussing the texting styles of our moms and realized we may all have the same mother. Most of the adults in my family can text pretty well, but I can’t say I haven’t received a few (all) of these before! But the opposite is also true – some adults can have trouble understanding the finer points of modern communication.

Some aspects of the confusion are modern – like, for example, the extremely unfortunate use of LOL. When you accidentally send that type of information to a total stranger, well, that's when things get awkward. Others are simply a digital continuation of the age-old tradition of parents doing their best to embarrass their children.

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