Isran came and repaired the fort in the Fourth Era, which he then used as the headquarters of the new Dawnguard. The Jarl's son, through his overly confident and adventurous pursuits, contracted vampirism.
Some believe the Dawnguard were forced to put down the Jarl's son, in doing so they were banished from the hold and officially disbanded. The masonry work inside the fort is not only very precise but the stone surfaces have the appearance of a slight shine to them.
Opposite the smelter is a small wooden pen built against the cave wall where Gunmar keeps his armored trolls.
Animal hide rugs line the floors and the walls are adorned with several mounted deer and bear heads.
This section is used as a training area and three training dummies are on a wooden platform against the north wall. The floor immediately in front of the entrance may also be absent entirely and allow both Characters and the Dragonborn to fall out of the map.

It is located in the province of Morrowind, hidden deep within the Velothi Mountains near the Skyrim border. The Jarl refused to kill his own son, so instead commissioned the construction of the fort and contracted a large mercenary force, named the "Dawnguard", in order to keep his son quarantined.
They later continued their work as vampire hunters, until they broke up, as people increasingly disregarded the threat of vampires, weakening the power of the Dawnguard.[1] Other accounts claim that the Dawnguard, seeing the immense power that being a vampire gave, decided to become vampires themselves. The floor consists of weathered cobblestone and decorative slabs that line the edges of two curved iron grates.
A grand fireplace decorated with banners and animal skulls sits to the side of the large dining table. As the Dragonborn progresses through the Dawnguard storyline this room is upgraded into a master bedroom. The inside of the fort itself has an arched theme to it, from the ceiling to the blind arches on the walls.
The cot is replaced with a bed, there are now four wardrobes, and a mannequin is added complete with Dawnguard armor.

On the rooftop nearest to Dead Drop Falls, there is a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid, a Dawnguard Helmet, a pair of Dawnguard Gauntlets.
When standing in the middle of the circle facing away from the main entrance, the second floor is to the right, the small balcony is another right. On the rooftop nearest to the entrance and the stairs to the second floor, there is a copy of The Talos Mistake and an Amulet of Talos sitting on two barrels. The forge, arcane enchanter and alchemy lab will only be available if the Dawnguard are joined and the quest Prophet has been completed. Barrels, bags and crates line the walls, along with several bales of hay and two disused kegs covered in cobwebs. There is also a table with two chairs, a bedroll, a Dawnguard Shield, and a pair of Dawnguard Boots.

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