They are on the lookout for a suspected traitor from Hammerfell, although it is unclear why. These two Alik’r Warriors are both Redguard scouts and show up in Whiterun during Dragon Rising. Guard: "I don't care what you're doing, after what happened you're lucky I don't toss you in jail.
After the conversation, the unhooded Alik’r will actively seek you out and say: "You there.
Once you have located the suspected Redguard, provided you didn’t make an agreement with Kematu, returning to the Frostfruit Inn will give you a new dialogue option, namely to tell them you have seen her: "You have? These two Alik’r Warriors can be found wandering the roads of Skyrim, in search of the suspected female Redguard.
After the conversation, you can ask them who they are looking for and get the response: "We're looking for information about a woman -- a foreigner in these lands.
Six Alik’r Warriors can be found inside Swindler's Den during the quest In My Time Of Need, all of them protecting their leader, Kematu. When you reach the room where they hide, three of them will relax in the northern side of the room, while the other three will have their scimitars drawn, prepared to fight. During the quest, you will learn about another member of the Alik’r, namely the Alik'r Prisoner who was caught sneaking into Whiterun and now serves his time in the dungeon of Dragonsreach. Whiterun Guards will occasionally mention them by saying "Have you seen those warriors from Hammerfell? The first two Alik'r warriors will appear back in Whiterun after the related quest is over, remaining there permanently.
Sure enough, the White Phial, as the shop’s called, is open, and its owner Nurelion is in, and arguing with his missus over wanting to go off on some adventure, while she, being a married woman and therefore a joyless, authoritarian mother substitute, insists he stay home and do boring old work instead. The other smith is pretty busy, and also boring, so I let him get on with it, and walk over to the Jarlhouse. Back along the corridors I go, to the Throne Room of Blue Moping, and there I try out my new powers. Jorleif is this man’s name, and he is an advisor to Ulfric, who I can overhear doing the usual Nordly Jarl Being Grave And Moody thing off to one side, with another aide. Yeah, listen, your right to disparage any character flaws of anyone in the goddamn world ever again?
I follow the fresh trail of the murderer’s two-day-old blood, and it leads to a nearby house. So the killer fled the scene, past the house of the family mourning his last victim, and took shelter in her house, which is directly next door, and to which they have the key.
According to their leader, Kematu, they were hired by the noble houses in Taneth to track down a Redguard woman who supposedly sold out the city to the Aldmeri Dominion, causing the fall of Taneth to the invading Aldmeri Dominion armies. They both wear Hammerfell garb with a pair of Redguard boots and wield the rare, curved scimitar sword.

They will both show up in the wilderness under the same circumstances as their two Whiterun companions. Depending on your conversation with Kematu, the six warriors will either leave you alone or attack. Turns out that he wants to go and dig up some magical artifact called the White Phial, which he’s just discovered is buried at a nearby grave. Not particularly well stocked, but he’s offering an illusion spell called Clairvoyance, which would allow me to see the path to wherever I need to go. Jorleif is much less serious though, and even freely chats about his work and position, saying he’s an old friend but basically a fairly ordinary sort of man, and Ulfric keeps him round to help anchor him a little.
I would like to do a completely ridiculous cgi recreation of something trivial that could easily be explained verbally, simultaneously demonstrating the magical power of extrapoloting an entire crime from one tiny detail and my willingness to insult your intelligence, but alas, our budget does not stretch that far. I have a look around outside, checking for any exits, anything useful or suspicious nearby. According to the accused woman herself, she publicly spoke out against the Aldmeri Dominion, who then hired the Alik’r to track her down. Tell me now!" If you ask what is in it for you, they will promise: "Money, if that is what you wish.
They both wear the same outfit: Hammerfell garb with a pair of Redguard boots and an Alik'r hood. We believe she may be hiding in Whiterun, but we're checking everywhere to be sure." When the related quest is completed, they can no longer be encountered in the wilderness. I treat her to a hearty breakfast of grilled chicken and veg, relax to let it settle for a short while, then head out to the market, where hopefully an alchemist will be open and willing to let us mix some potions. But if you’ve been looking for this thing for your whole life (as he apparently has), has it really not occurred to you that it’s completely useless? I guess just helping out an alchemist who might put in a good word for me about town, maybe. Next is Hillevi Cruel-Sea, who does veg and herbs, also a bit useless right now, but she does mention that she has a delivery for the court wizard, and since I’m heading to the Jarlhouse anyway I offer to take it to him. Hermir Strong-Heart is her name; a name that is pretty much asking for a massive coronary at the age of forty. So instead, I poke at the corpse a couple of times with a nearby stick and make swooshing noises with my mouth until Helgird asks me to stop.
It is never fully explained, and it is up to you to pass judgment and choose who to help during the related quest. Now tell me where she is!" When you tell them, you will be asked for one last favor: "We cannot go after her, not without drawing attention. Wuunferth drops 25 gold in my hand for my walking very slightly out of my way, and we part. Living in nice digs in the palace, a little light admin and you get to give your honest opinion of whatever loudmouthed dipshit is bothering the Jarl this week.

It occurs to me that I could have just walked around town and then told her I had his permission, because she takes this all at face value. I know you’re supposed to be the bungling local deputy, but what in Zenithar’s thrusting cock is wrong with you? He’d get better results from an investigation by literally anyone else who might happen to walk in off the street.
She gets testy, and points out that she wouldn’t be helping me if she were the killer. I think in a world where dragons and trolls and spriggans very definitely exist, writing a book trying to sensationalise a simple bird is more than a little desperate. And you live in a city next to a river that has salmon swimming up it to spawn, so must be freshwater.
It also happens that his assistant Quintus is chilling at a table near the alchemy set, and he tells me that Nurelion is pretty much the number one alchemist in Skyrim. He introduces himself as Wuunferth the Unliving, a name that begs several pertinent questions. After browsing his selection, I end up sticking with Clairvoyance after all, and before I leave, hand over the delivery from Hillevi. In fact, without a map, it will be indispensible, and probably the only thing that makes most tasks outside the cities possible. I’d give him some stick for this, but he seems a nice enough guy, and hell, who’d turn down a job like that? Well actually Helgird dear, that’s precisely what a lot of killers do in order to overcompensate for their guilt. It’s kind of a shame the local mage and alchemist are so pleasant, when the city itself is an intolerable den of woe. And the second at loggerheads with the obstructive, incompetent staff who pull rank to keep me from exposing their mistakes?
We will wait for you there." As soon as you leave the inn, both warriors will be disabled and disappear from the game.
If the local police weere all this stupid I might feel kind of obligated to start killing people just to prove a point. Can’t for the life of me remember why, so I head back to the corpsotorium to talk to what passes for a coroner around here.
On the way I pass Officer Moron, who is still standing in the same place, having presumably forgotten how to walk.

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