When the Harry Potter book series came out of the marketplace, the entire world’s focus was captured. These can be used for personal usage or they can be altered for use on someone else that needs protection. A name (or more if necessary) can easily be inserted where it says “me” when protecting someone else.Names should be used whenever possible when doing spells on someone else because when you are specific, it helps the power of the spell to protect the right person. The reason why Harry Potter is such a massive hit is simply because persons wish to live in a fantasy world.
If you don’t feel comfortable with the words I have chosen, feel free to take these protection chants and use them as examples to write your own. Change what you need to make the chant your own.Whenever you can, you should use your own words for all of your chants whether they are for protection or for anything else. By using your own words, you use what you are more comfortable with and confident with and therefore you give the spell you are doing more power.

In all honesty, there was a moment in time where spells of magic weren’t really laughable.Throughout the middle age time period, it was believed that magic and sorcery did exist. There are numerous promises of witchcraft and magic during those times, especially in Europe. The sole thing we can be certain of is that there was a possible chance that magic spells did exist!Spells of magic is always going to be a dubious concern. It's a very intriguing subject which will always be discussed for generations after generations.
Folks like David Blaine and Criss Angel are well-known magicians who execute lots of tricks. Though some of their tricks are obviously sleight of the hand tricks… Their levitation abilities and stamina (survival) tricks are considered to be magic spells.However, I dispise to break it to you, although what these men do isn’t actual. Spells of magic could have been around before, though David Blaine and the others aren't performing any of that.

If you'd like to view authentic magic, it’s wise to grab a history book and read about the past of magic. Wouldn’t it be great to wave a wand and chant foreign words while you make fire or make some thing levitate?
Whether it does, or not, spells of magic will generally be a topic that would absolutely make everyone in the room interested. You don’t ought to have viewed the Harry Potter movie series to relate in relation to magic.

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