If you haven’t already taken the plunge and upgraded your Mac to Mavericks, you’re definitely missing out on a ton of fantastic features. If you don’t feel like hand-typing all of your documents and can’t afford a secretary, take advantage of Maverick’s new enhanced dictation. The enhanced dictation provides major upgrades in functionality not found in previous operating systems. You can verbally dictate punctuation as well as create new paragraphs, so you can quickly and easily construct an entire paragraph or a whole paper. With text expansion, you can create a predetermined keyword which will expand into something longer.
To create your shortcuts, visit the Keyboard section of your system preferences and click on the Text tab. For those of us who are likely to have several finder windows open to show various projects, tabs may be your new best friend. Working with tabs within the Finder makes it easy to navigate and access multiple projects simultaneously.
Is there a feature of Mavericks that you have found to drastically improve your home or office productivity? A water molecule is polar in nature; Oxygen atom is highly electronegative and there is a net negative charge toward the oxygen end (the vertex) of the V-shaped molecule and a net positive charge at the hydrogen end. Upto 4 degree Celsius : As water-cools from room temperature to 4 degrees Celsius, it becomes denser, as most liquids, the molecules have less kinetic energy and are closer together.
Below 4 degree Celsius (277 K) : Below 4 degrees, each H2O molecule begins to form more stable hydrogen bonds, with up to four fellow molecules.
In a lake or sea, as water is cooled from, higher temperature to 4 deg Celsius it becomes denser and sinks to the bottom but as it cools from 4 to freezing point, its density reduces as it expands and it rises to the top and eventually forms ice.

Fishes and aquatic life survives due to anomalous nature of water, ice being lighter than water floats and insulates the water below it from freezing.
Mavericks was made available as a free upgrade to all Mac users back in October of last year, and we’ve highlighted some of the awesome built-in features that can save you precious time and enhance your productivity at home or in the office.
In order to unlock its full potential, you must first navigate to the Dictation and Speech settings in your system preferences. Dictation can be used anywhere in the OS where you would normally type, which makes it a very useful and timesaving tool. For example, if you’re constantly typing out the same drawn out blocks of text, create a keyword for it and save yourself the hassle. Similar to how you use tabs to consolidate windows in Safari, you can now use tabs to do the same thing in Finder.
You can even consolidate windows that you already have open by going to Window in your menu bar and clicking on Merge All Windows.
This is less dense (has more space) than liquid water where even though H2O molecules are closely packed together but are still free to move around.
This electric dipole attracts the opposite ends of neighboring water molecules, where each oxygen atom attracts two nearby hydrogen atoms of two other water molecules. Two H-atoms are linked with O-atom by covalent bonds and the remaining two H-atoms are linked to O-atom by two H-bonds.
The floating ice acts as insulation preventing the freezing of water below it, ensuring that life survives.
Once there, make sure that dictation is turned ON, check the box that says “Use Enhanced Dictation”, and your Mac will install a download on your computer.
You can simply drag and drop your file from one tab’s listing directly onto another tab on the tab bar.

However, at 4 degrees Celsius, it reaches the maximum density of 1 and then starts expanding if it is further cooled. Thus in ice every H2O molecule is associated with four other water molecules by H-bonding in a less dense tetrahedral fashion. If ice were heavier than water, it would sink to the bottom eventually whole of the lake would freeze, destroying any life in it. Dictation will type out what you’re saying immediately after you say it, and there is no longer a limitation to the amount of time you can speak.
If you want to drop into a folder within a tab, pause briefly on the destination tab until it opens, and then drop in the desired folder.
This gives rise to an open cage-like tetrahedral structure of ice with a large empty space due to the existence of H-bonds (see graphic). If the summer heat is unable to melt it, it would remain frozen, and without water, and the resulting rains, life on parched land will eventually die.
This is due to the hydrogen bond that considerably weaker than the covalent bonds holding the water molecule together, but strong enough to keep water liquid at ordinary temperatures. In liquid water, as molecules slide past each other, bonds form, break, and re-form, iIt keeps the water molecules loosely bound to each other even when they are moving and keeps them together otherwise they would move far away from each other.

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