If all you really want to do is get your ex back, then you can have a great chance of doing that through some very lovely text messages. This text is just giving them enough from you that they know you are thinking about them and that you care enough to wish them well for their day.
By sending this text to an ex, you are showing them that they are the person you are thinking of in that time.
If you want to know what to text to get her back then these are some of the many different text messages that you can send. Think about it… is a flirt through text messages the only way to meet & date women with words?
See, there are these little things called online dating and Instant Messengers (IM) like MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger as well. Online dating is the one to look out for, because it allows you to meet women whenever you can?t go outside (example: you?re at work, at school, or sick or it?s too cold outside) and get their phone numbers. Anyways, let’s take a look at how to send flirty text messages already, before I go on and on… and on about online dating!
Normally, when you talk to someone they understand the meaning of what you’re saying thanks to your body language.
The best way to prevent both problems and to give extra meaning to everything you say is… drumroll please… using emoticons.
I think I rest my case: using ?? as a tool for adding more meaning to your playful teases will give you more success with text messages. Say a woman teases you back, makes a sort of rude remark about you or whatever, then I’ll send her some flirty text messages saying stuff like “and I love you too honey! Or even better: using (A) when I ask something in return for doing something for her or giving her something.
You shouldn’t bombard a woman with emoticons though by using one every half of a sentence because it pretty much takes away all the impact.

So now you know how to create attraction with flirty text messages, don’t you want to know how to get a date once women are attracted to you?
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There are some texts to get your ex back that you can send that can really get their attention once again.
When they talk to your old friends and ask if you are with anyone else, they must hear that you have been waiting for them. Getting better at creating attraction with words works three ways: you?ll get better at texting, online dating AND using IM to get numbers and to get dates. You can them call and text them to set up a date, so by learning how to flirt through text messages, you get more numbers AND more dates on a regular basis thanks to the internet! More on that later, but what it means is that you have to put more meaning in a smaller space which can be tricky to do. If you don’t know what emoticons are then I seriously wonder where you’ve been for the last 20 years or so, but just in case: they’re small smilie faces that you can insert into your text message. It shows you’re definitely not serious but in a playful mood, ready to tease her with something.
Although most people use it whenever you’re excited or happy about something, I use it in an entirely different way.
On most phones you won’t see the actual smilie being displayed, but the vast majority of people knows what (A) stands for. When she asks me what I want in return I’ll text “ohhh… 3 kisses will do just fine (A)” and over time I want more and more outrageous stuff in return. It will reveal all the insights you need to know if you want to learn how to flirt through text messages.
Only 1 in 5 women will date you after you get their number, unless you know why the other 4 say \"NO\" and what to do about it.

These texts might not seem like something that you would say but you can slightly adjust them to fit your personality and to customize them to your ex so that she really knows that they are coming from your heart. You are leaving the apology there for them to accept, think about and do whatever they wish to do with it as well.
Also, after you send this message don’t force your feelings on your ex, just let this thought sit with them for a bit. This text could really put a smile on your ex’s face and could really help them to see that you do think they are the person that you want to be with as well. The other thing that you must remember is that sending a text message can sometimes be misinterpreted. The great thing about this emoticon is that you can get away with saying pretty much everything when you put it behind your sentence. I use ?? to playfully make fun of a woman who is being a bit too hateful towards me and to show her that I don’t take her comment seriously AT ALL. I use it to pretend like I’m being sweet and innocent while I’m far from it with what I just said.
One time I asked a girl to give ma a striptease, lapdance, and a kiss or ten if I would help her download this movie she wanted… and she did it.
If you are going to choose to send your ex a message, make sure that you read over the message before you send it. If you are thinking about how to get your boyfriend to text you back you should consider waiting a while.

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