If you quit smoking, but you keep a pack of cigarettes around, eventually you will smoke them.
Fact: If you text something and then realize it was a huge mistake, you can take it back with an "I'm jus messin" text.
When you text your ex about an erotic dream, you expect the conversation will lead to a late night hook-up. If you thought your day was bad, wait until you see the 20 scenarios these folks had to deal with. Have you ever had so much of your ex-boyfriend's stuff in your house that all you want to do with it is burn it all?
We all know the girls who start out completely normal in the beginning of the relationship and then end up becoming bat-sh*t crazy by the end of it. Not a robot, or your ex pretending to be a robot because it's easier than actually communicating with you. What you might get instead is a reminder of why you stopped seeing this person in the first place.

It took you guys breaking up to realize how much it annoyed you that he didn't let you drive his truck.
Girls who have dated a lot of guys in the past suddenly just get tired of it and want real love. I usually blame my two sisters for getting me into Mean Girls and other girly things, but I can't blame this one on them.
You put up with it at the time, but now you're literally shunning yourself for ever dating such a narcissistic a**. Girls who are used to getting screwed over in the past so they almost predict how the relationship is going to end when it just started. The whole relationship you guys had fell into the bonfire you used to burn all his stuff, along with a picture of you two.
If you're the guy dating this girl, proceed with caution, because she can make all the tables turn in the blink of an eye.
It's so awkward between you guys because you two just keep looking at each other and quickly looking away when eye contact is made.

Don't do anything to screw this girl over, because she has a "Blank Space" with your name written all over it.I really enjoyed writing this article. Finally, you get sick of it and say, "We are never ever getting back together."Let's say your boyfriend is into all kinds of bad-a** things that you've never been introduced to before him. When you finally talk to each other, you realize the EXACT reason why you broke up and quickly go in the other direction. It was just another "Picture to Burn".This following one is probably the most quoted on Twitter and Facebook when her boyfriend cheated on her.
Not only did I just get to listen to Taylor Swift songs while writing, I also took a trip down memory lane with many of my past relationships.

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