Be Loving, Be Mushy, Be Original, Be Yourself all While Saying Something Sweet to Your Girlfriend or Your WifeLet's face it, like every man, every woman is unique. Here you'll find things to say that range from funny, loving, cute and even slightly sarcastic! Guys..we really do feel for you, 'cause sometimes it's hard to tell what to say and when to say it! Appreciation - The Sweet Things You Can Say to Show Her How Much She's AppreciatedSo she does so much, and you want to recognize that by saying or texting something sweet to show your appreciation:1.
Your Thoughts on the Above Song, "Tough, by Craig Morgan"Do You Know Anyone Who You Could Dedicate this Song To?
Tough, by Craig MorganThis song is such a beautiful message of appreciation and dedication to a woman. What Women Really Want You To SayThe sweetest way to win her heartMaybe not every woman wants to hear these things, but it's safe to say many do!1.
The Girlfriend WhispererChapter 3 of Sweet Sayings for Your Lady - Just more words to scroll through! Nine months is a LONG time to put up with family and strangers rubbing your belly and asking you seriously personal questions.
Ever wondered the kind of trouble you would get into if you spat out even half of what was going on in your head? More often than not, what you say to someone is a distilled version of what you actually think of saying. In this write up, we will be sifting through this layer of emotional 'grit' that has tremendous potential of rubbing people the wrong way (pun unintended), should better sense fail to prevail. Whether you're dealing with a break-up (which is always tough, no matter who says what) or you're single and waiting for the perfect match (as opposed to Ms.

Here's a sneak peek into some other everyday thoughts that I would really like to blurt out! A» When you really care about someone, you also care about their feelings and you would much rather please them with a lie than hurt them with the truth.
A» Rene Descartes once quoted "I think; therefore I am." However, don't we all hold back our not-so-sweet thoughts sometimes because we don't want to be perceived as rude? A» Ever gotten into an argument with your parents and it's taken you all the possible self-control to not spit out all the mean thoughts in your head? A» Have you ever wanted to speak up against something that you thought was unjust, but abstained? On a parting note, this article would be incomplete without the following quote I came across. However, most of us (of the female persuasion) appreciate qualities like, a sense of humor, sincerity, loyalty, appreciation, feeling loved, and in many cases, a helping hand. If you need sweet kind things (ok, some sarcastic too!) to woo him with, then here's a large collection of original words you can send by text, twitter or in a card!100 Original Sweet Things to Say to Your GirlfriendIf you still need more sayings to look over, here you go, here's 100 more! Guys are always looking for this kind of stuff- and I'm sure several have found this very helpful!
Talks of 'impending pain', 'piling on the pounds' and other 'pretty women', should be completely off limits, right? In essence, whatever is left unsaid is what stays back on the filter of prudence in due course of a social interaction. What sets a refined intellect apart from a sharp one is the sting that is held back while reacting in a socially or emotionally difficult situation. Your best friend is in love (bordering on obsession) with a complete loser who you cannot stand.

All things just have to be about them to such an extent as to make them the cynosure of everyone's universe.
You can talk about everything under the sun but find yourself tongue-tied and unable to say those three words? Whether it's in an educational institution, at work or as a part of society, we keep certain thoughts to ourselves because it would either be considered inappropriate or there is a possibility of unsavory consequences on expressing them.
There's always a little truth behind every 'just kidding', a little curiosity behind every 'just wondering', a little knowledge behind every 'I don't know', and a little emotion behind every 'I don't care'.
Well here's are original sweet sayings, with some slightly sarcastic ones thrown in for the guy who appreciates your wit!
At the polls i would have preferred the last option to be " all the above" and I would have voted on that.
So for all those friends and family with no filter, here’s 25 things you should never say to a pregnant woman. Obviously we’re going to try but if someone hanging off our nipples doesn’t quite work out then we’re hitting the bottle and you better not judge us.9. Believe it or not sleepless nights, throwing up round the clock and endless gyny appointments don’t really make us feel AMAZING.14. We didn’t look like her before the baby so we’re sure as hell not gonna look like her after.15. If you haven't already seen what a pregnant woman looks like when she's about to lose her sh*t then here's one quick way of finding out.25.

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