This sounds a trifle mean, but if you can't seem to get excited about the new fish you've plucked from the sea, get excited about the places you'll go!
Learning how to motivate your child to get back to school after summer holidays can be a frustrating task. We know school can be annoying to a child because of all the homework but friends, this is your chance to remind your child that school is all about having a smashing time and indulging in fun activities.

Let’s face it, every child is different and the tantrums they throw are getting unique and more challenging to handle day after day. If they do, reminding them about how they can get back to learning their favorite subject is a top tool to motivate your child to get back to school after summer holidays. But take a look at what most of our readers had to say when we asked them to give us tips on how to motivate a child to get back to school after summer.

But after the mandatory mourning comes to a close, the only way to truly move on is to meet new people (gasp!).

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