You're two different people and I wish it would stop, because I'm living to die and dieing to live, but it doesnt mean a thing to me, until I have you. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life.
I felt so good when I was with you, you made me feel like the world; to hear I was your favorite and the best you ever had. It is a peculiarity of British Society that people who RENT property, (especially if it is from the Council or a Housing Association), are looked down upon, and that home owners are seen as upstanding citizens who believe they are better than others, PURE SNOBBERY, IN FACT!A Well!

I understand we brooke up, and just the though of you with her hurts me even more and more. The sadness and the happiness,the failure and success, the simple hugs and those tender kisses.
You ripped my heart out, and after all this still just thinking about us makes me want you back. Now, it is good to fight (defending you) O Leader of the Faithful!' He said, `O Abu Hurayrah!

Does it please you that you kill all people, including me' I said, `No.' He said, `If you kill one man, it is as if you killed all people.
Now, it is good to fight (defending you) O Leader of the Faithful!' He said, `O Abu Hurayrah!

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