One of the most beloved professors at Zhejiang University suddenly said in the middle of a formal speech, “[Our] school has some girls who aren’t conducting themselves with dignity, as soon as they see a garbage, ordinary foreigner they want to be with them.” This sentence directly attacks me, and inconveniences me as those garbage, ordinary Chinese men are now attacking us because of this, and even going after my parents. Because of your speech, men curse and disturb me, saying, is it because the laowai can give you an orgasm more easily? At other schools I don’t know, but at Zhejiang University all the beautiful, excellent girls are taken by foreigners. This girl criticizing this viciously, writing this much, but the main content is still: Sexual needs. Pointof View Two: This girl believes that because a portion of Zhejiang University boys do not like to study so they pick up girls, play games, and play basketball, she too can indulge YD [yin dang = ??, in being lewd], at least she has orgasmed! If white people (saying these men are trash is wrong, it is a little racist) can marry them, it could be a good thing. Just passing by, everyone has their own way of thinking, and for women, marriage is a second reincarnation [a second birth, second chance at life]. She can marry whoever she wants to marry, black devils is fine too, foreigners is also fine, it has nothing to do with us.
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Secondly, most blacks who have married chinese girls treat them very well and live happily with them than your low moral chinese men who are nothing good arrive home with. Anyways talk about hypocrisy, I don’t know if you did it by accident or it’s really true, are you Chinese yourself? So on one side of the issue we have insecure Chinese guys talking trash and blaming white guys for their own insecurities and on the other we have guys like Stan spewing bullshit and acting like the sort of dick that the Chinese guys are complaining about. I'm a gamer at heart, although sometimes I'll trade the controller for the pages of a book.
I want to program the next big thing, I wanna be a bigshot programmer for bigshot company, inc. I’m young and beautiful, witch excellent grades, and many people pursue me, but I’m dissatisfied with Chinese men.

First class girls are all sleeping in villas, second class girls are sleeping in hotels and flats, only third class girls can accompany these wretched looking Chinese guys in their tiny dormitory beds, and facing a roommate, fool around a bit.
They have no standards, some of my female classmates boyfriends dump them as soon as they get into American schools, the tragic result of four years of washing clothes, paying out of pocket, sleeping [with the guys], that’s what’s really low! She also hopes that she will be even more satisfied being fucked by other foriegners when she goes abroad!
Next, even if she found a boy who likes to study, that JJ is still only a toothpick, so to summarize, having her B fucked by foreigners is still better!! In college, how many boys are wasting their time…I myself can be counted as one of them.
Your parents working so hard to raise you and provide for you to go to university was just for you to be fucked by foreign black people?
Belittling one’s own ethnicity like this, one can imagine and know what kind of low and vulgar [she] is.
Instead of making racial comments and being a hypocrite, why don’t you go learn the names of some of the famous Chinese people and then compare them to the ordinary Americans? People may have bad or shallow reasons for whomever they date but it REALLY doesn’t matter.
And aren’t we all a bit sick of these kind of topics about foreign guys with chinese girls. When girls see foreign trash or average foreign men, they all want to please them [become friends, attract]. In the future when you go out, please do not say you graduated from Zhejiang University, ruining our reputation!
Many prostitutes also say they are from this or that university, so they can raise their prices a little more. To me and many other friends,Blacks are better in many ways than we Chinese.Just live with them and you will find out.Could a mere chinese be compared to Obama,michael Jordan,Cobby and the likes? Good on you if you’re teaching English and has a BA degree (and it’s really your native tongue), but look at it, would you have really moved out of your country if you could find a job in your home country that paid equally as well (now think cost of living wise, not just pure numbers!)?

Then I also know alot of mixed marriage couples in China who marry and start a family and have a good life. Though I can’t believe any Chinese men are worried about loosing the girls in these pictures. Now you and your Chinese counterpart can take turns spitting on each other and proving each others bias.
She talked about many things, but most people will probably only remember penis sizes and orgasms.
Walking on the roads of our school you can tell, you won’t see even a single beautiful girl, the mighty pile of leftovers like half-cooked things, however you look at them they’re like un-evolved dinosaurs. They’re dreaming, of their darling America dancing ballet, [but] when you go abroad a toothpick is still a toothpick. I think you should be taken to Japan, so you can be stuffed full of cum all day, fucked in the ass all day, so you can orgasm 24 hours a day!
But all these racist scumbags didn’t even think of blaming the proffesor in the first place. It is because universities these days have your kind of trash that university students are misunderstood as having poor characters.
Marrying an African-American is the same on the spiritual side, and on the physical side the orgasms are real. Both have experienced poverty and understand having to work hard in the face of oppression or unfair and circumstance.

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