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We saw this topic being discussed in the message boards and we wanted to get more thoughts about this. Yes i advise on revenge every time if more girls sought revenge maybe guys would not be as willing to be arrogant self centred douche bags !!!!! Then i decided since he never woke up that with the help of a few friends shaved off his pubes took more photos i even uploaded the pics to my facebook and he didnt know about it until i sent the link to all his contacts,friends and family. Best revenge I have ever gotten was seeing my ex for the first time in a while after he cheated on me. The best type of revenge is that which makes him feel like you don’t need him or want him anymore. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! You can even write your own special message inside the card to really get your point across. Everything that we do for you is completely anonymous - in fact, we are paranoid about anonymity.

However, we cannot protect your own PC and that is why we strongly recommend the use of Hide My IP software. If someone does you wrong, cheated on you or betrayed you, getting over it and living a happy life is often said to be the best revenge on the person.
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Philip and James needed to get out of a corporate environment and quick, Big Blue was their escape. Thinking about getting back at that jerk who played you might seem like the best way to deal with things at the time, but is it really? Sure, at the moment you might feel really great, thinking you gave that dude what he deserved. I was completely dolled up and walking into the same place he was in, and i was having an awesome time with a ton of my (mostly male) friends.
It's the exact same software that we use and in over 8 years of getting revenge, we've never been found out!
But sometimes, it can be very hard to just leave the culprit without any form of retribution. Because of economic sanction at the time fabrics were limited so they started printing their own fabrics on SA made cottons using local craft techniques.
He had been kind of a jerk the whole time before we hooked up, but I just didn’t pay attention to it. He could NOT stop looking over at me and tried so hard to get my attention and it drove him insane that I was giving him none.

Then when everyone knows how he truly is, no one is going to want to date him, and if he’s gonna be an idiot like that, he deserves it. You may want to see him punished for what he did to you and when it comes to inventing new ways to revenge on someone, people can be surprisingly creative and mischievous. Like these ladies said, the best revenge is moving on and showing that guy you’re perfectly fine without him. If your suegra is anything like mine then you gave until it hurt, gave until you had nothing left to give, figuratively and literally.
To see some of the sweetest revenges people have come up with, check out these 25 perfectly evil ways to get revenge on someone who did you wrong.
When he sees or hears about you having a great time without him, he’ll feel way more bummed out than he would if you did something terrible to him. So, move on with your life and do all those things that make you feel happy, successful, balanced and whole.
At some point you will have to draw a line and the one thing you must promise yourself is that you won’t give her any more of your mental space and emotional energy. Your time, thoughts, and energy are much too valuable to be wasted on this kind of negativity.

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