Treat her with dignityTreating your girl with dignity means treating her the way that you would want to be treated. Our conversation will be so excellent that we’ll absentmindedly wander to my room, where I might just sit on the floor and paint my nails. I spend a ridiculous amount of time painting my nails and sharing the results on instagram. I don’t care that I only care about my physical appearance because I was raised in a patriarchal system of female objectification.

Leave class with me, invite me to eat lunch with you, and talk to me about old computer games we liked when we were kids. If you notice this, I will immediately think much more highly of you than I did before, because you have brightened my day.
If I seem stressed out because your roommate has decided to take out the recycling and the noise of all the bottles clanging together makes me want to die, take me in your arms until you feel that I am sufficiently relaxed.
If you could provide it, with the help of a time travel device or crystal ball, that would make me really happy.

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