Here are five simple ways for men to help keep their partners happy and their relationships on course. For all you guys out there who are struggling to make your girlfriend happy, you have come to the right place. It is quite difficult to understand what goes in a girl’s mind, but nothing is impossible. Yes, she might have burned the first toast she made for you, but still appreciate her for trying.
Clean Up Your Act – Regardless of how tidy a woman may or may not be, she’s delighted when a man keeps his home, car, clothes and body squeaky clean and smelling good. Be Proactive – If a woman has to keep drilling a guy about doing every little thing that’s expected, he’ll remain in her doghouse.

Tell Her How You Feel – When something’s wrong with a relationship guys often choose one of two courses of action.
Sex – I’m not going into details, but women reward men who are creative, romantic and aim to please their partner.
So, be it a dinner out or a pendant necklace, don’t let her know the details before you actually do it. It’s critical for men to take care of things on their own without having to be asked a million times. Give her a supporting shoulder when she needs it the most, rather than giving out a lecture. There are lots more ways for men to keep their relationships on course, but mostly it comes down to mutual love and respect.

Keeping clean is a positive way to live and it will help guys score a check plus on the first date and beyond. I got an earful the other night right after settling in for the second half of the Cowboys-Giants football game. Surprise her with flowers, reservations at a restaurant she’s mentioned, cook her a tasty meal, etc. Men can work wonders if they listen with an open mind and express how they feel at the appropriate time.

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