The other night, we’re on a hike, and as we get to the top, we encounter the most beautiful view. Girls don’t want to be treated like a queen, but they do want to be treated like a princess. On our first date, I told her “You look so beautiful.” I then told her how great she looked when I saw her without makeup the night before. Ask solid open-ended questions that include “what,” “how,” and “why.” If you’re doing most of the talking, you’re not getting very far with her.
I was very fortunate to have parents that taught me to treat women like you have written here. I sure hope there are still some single men out there like this (I know you’re out there somewhere!), and (here’s the key girls) may all of us ladies live and present ourselves in a manner that will attract these real men, and not their swaggy counterparts!
The odd thing is that what you say you DO want, your true emotions will reject a guy who makes them happen anyway… I will bet anything that if you have a guy who lets you play a more dominant role in a relationship with him, you will dump him after a short period of time.
This is an excellent and concise guide for any gentleman; however, I contest that these principles are only effective when you already have a relationship. I see the comments above; women glisten and respond to your romantic principles like a sonnet being read in Romeo and Juliet. Special Note: I understand that it may be somewhat pathetic to debate with Kris on his beautiful blog post. Wounded woman that didnt have a good relationship with their faher are inside out : in a femenine body but masculine energy. We at GoodGuySwag are thrilled to announce Kris Wolfe’s new book 10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart!
All presale orders will be shipped out by the beginning of December….in time for Christmas! Guys always say girls are difficult to understand and they don't even know what they want sometimes.
Boys must understand that genuine and smart girls at least, are not quite attracted towards the swaggers or those who “claim” themselves to be really cool.
No matter how much your girl is close to you, for her her friends are always more important than yours. Men must understand that every girl actually likes and sometimes even respect men who give ample importance to hygiene.
The saying, “Loving her is the second thing, first learn to respect her” should actually be applied in real life. SomeWhereLost - Blog site for people who just love reading articles on any topic with only one condition in mind " Article should be worth reading".
Want to know how to approach a girl you like and not become paralyzed with fear at the thought of talking to her?
You must know how to approach a girl you like in a way that creates MASSIVE amounts of attraction. If you want to approach a girl you like and get her number, then you must first create attraction by displaying character traits that girls find attractive.
There is no money, fame, power or any of that other macho bullshit in the real dating game. Are you one of those scumbags who uses the same line again and again to approach every single girl you like?
Because although the girl you like may be hearing this line for the first time, she’ll know it’s something you use for every girl. Knowing how to approach a girl you like is not like knowing how to fish man: you can’t throw some lines out there and expect girls to take the bait! Because what you’re actually saying with a cheezy line is that you think there’s nothing special about her. The character trait that you’ll be displaying in this case is actually a LACK of character. When you want to know how to approach a girl you like, remember that it’s never about what you say. Being indifferent about what will happen and about what you say creates attraction, because most men completely focus on what they’re doing (wrong) instead of on the actual hottie they’re talking to.
If you’re not the kind of guy who naturally makes jokes and teases people, you may have to practice a bit with others, like family members or girls who are just your friends. Hell, the world is gonna hate me for saying this, but: practice teasing everyone you meet, no matter where you are!
Let’s say you see a girl who is leaning against a wall, with her arms crossed and looking annoyed. And all you have to do is approach a girl and use what you have observed about her current status. The best way to overcome your fear of approaching girls is by doing what works best with fears: you face them, take a stab at getting rid of them, and if you stab long enough they’re gone forever. Anyways, when it comes to approaching girls you should start by practicing on girls you aren’t attracted to. The more you approach, the more confident you’ll feel because approaching girls won’t be something unknown and scary anymore. And before you know it, you know how to approach a girl you like almost with your eyes closed! There are books like “The Game” and “The Players Handbook” which can give you great techniques to hook up and end up with an empty life and a roster of regrets.
I called Kristen every day when I finally got her number.  I sent her encouraging text messages and inspirational Bible verses.
Pick-up artists recommend saying backhanded compliments, but nothing beats a genuine and sincere compliment.
There won’t be much longevity if she’s fallen for a false persona, and why would you want that anyway?  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not the coolest guy out there, so I have fun in my dorkiness.

And girls that don’t value this, truly do not know what they are losing out on, or have very bad taste in guys. This sounds exactly like my boyfriend now ?? I agree–these 10 things are absolutely, 100% fool-proof. If you just always open the door for people, then always opening the door for her isn’t obnoxious.
This does NOT mean that they are of more value, of higher importance, or that it is not two way relationship. In Kris case, his girl was linear on the line and thus allowed his companionship even at times when it was unnecessary.
That’s beautiful and I certainly hope that these women truly wish to be treated like that.
Rest assure I’ve made this post in good taste and I am simply stating an alternative approach from past experiences. For winning a girl’s heart it is seriously important to win the hearts of her friends as well. And this applies not just for one or two dates but for every single time you go to meet the girl.
Based on her temperament, you can either flirt with her openly or can do the same with discretion. And then let’s do something about it, so you’ll know how to approach a girl you like, and get her number too, from this day forward. I was so frustrated with my fear of approaching girls that I at one time made a sport of throwing things around in my house. Girls want a guy who’s genuinely interested in them, not a scumbag who randomly approaches chicks and thinks he’s smooth. But more importantly, how to approach a girl you like through one of these characters traits? That’s another way of teasing well and a must know if you want to learn how to approach a girl you like.
I am caught in between the most beautiful woman and the most beautiful sunset God has created.
While she later revealed to me that she had been testing me to see if I would still like her without makeup, I simply saw a girl who didn’t have enough time because she just got done at the gym. I told her I wanted to be her man on our fifth date.  She wasn’t ready, but she knew what I wanted.
A backhanded compliment might work for a one-night stand, but come on, this is a poisonous ingredient in trying to form a long-term relationship. His name is Jesus and if you have a heart for Him you’ll have a heart for one another. Some, not all, but some women that want to be treated this way or put large value in being treated this way have major codependency problems, even the ones you meet in church. I don’t need a man to open every door for me because chivalry works both ways and I can open the door too.
Most women are genetically wired to want to feel protected, to want to feel that her guy has the plan and she can co-sgn it.
I think she just likes the fact that I walk her out to her car at night, and I’m looking out for her safety.
He’s just 17, I don’t want him finding his miss right for at least a few years! I do believe that the key to a successful relationship lies on basic psychological principles. I repeat, NEVER compliment a girl on her appearance unless she’s your girlfriend or wife. This is a basic evolutionary practice; however, do not overstep your bounds by looking controlling or possessive. But if what you want is to be with a healthy femenine woman she will totally fall for Kris suggestions. The more people you meet, the better understanding you'll have of what you are looking for. Winning a girl’s heart is actually one of the simplest jobs, with the only requirement that of patience. A girl often doesn’t want to be treated like a queen but at the same time she wants you to take her as your princess. Take a daily bath and groom yourself by shaving, and in case you want to keep the bearded or moustached look, make sure it looks neat instead of clustering facial hair simply here and there. It would be however wise to begin the process discreetly, as that will help you know if she is comfortable with the same. If like her dress, tell her; but if you don’t it’s better to stay either diplomatic and gently frank. If she is going for a jog or simply for a walk at night, tell her you want to accompany her and that you want her to be safe.
I think I had some at my cousin’s wedding, but it tasted like garbage and smelled real nasty. But I have to make this lesson on how to approach a girl you like as vivid as possible for you, so you’ll remember it when you need it.
Pull out her chair and allow her to sit down first when you take her on a date, and let her order first.
I gave her the time she needed with no stipulations, while still pursuing her intentionally. For instance, on our first date, I knew Kristen was a vegetarian, so I took her to a vegetarian restaurant called Cafe Gratitude. If you’re at a club and she needs to go to the restroom, take her there and wait outside the door.

When people ask where your first kiss was, you don’t want her to answer with the driveway or that you were drunk at a party. Same with car doors- if she waits, great, if she just automatically gets out of the car, don’t bug her about it. But in that you need to treat them in ways that show you truly care and are attentive to things others are clueless about.
If you go to this club where it seems seedy in there and a lot of undesirables walking around.
Remembering the little things and showing that you’ve been paying attention is one of the most powerful things you can do for any woman.
For this article, in the interest of time, I asked around and collected the five most common traits that girls appreciate in guys: 1. The essential art of winning any girl’s heart lies in the sole fact as to how much can you understand her needs and requirements; as like boys, girls too are different from each other. While conversing with her, irrespective if you are meeting her personally or via online, just try making up conversations with those issues with which you are completely comfortable or acquainted with.
This step of being close with her friend circle, can also be really helpful to know about her likes and dislikes; based on which you can further plan other occasions or can give her some gifts. Before making the big plunge of downright proposing, it is important to make her trust you as she would have trusted her special one. When she meets you without make-up, you can even say that she looks really quite a lot beautiful even without makeup. And in case you feel that she is going wrong, you can try make her understand in a gentle way. You can simply say, “I want to introduce myself…”Be sincere and genuine in wanting to get to know her. When you are walking alongside the street, you should be the one walking closest to the street. I would say that this would be a mostly good guide for a guy to look at whether his actions match up with his intentions or the condition of his heart. The second you become too possessive, a signal will trigger the female’s subconscious motioning to your insecurities, ultimately making you look weak. And once you understand these basic differences that lies between one girl to the other, wooing anyone can be actually quite easy.
This would also show that you are genuinely concerned to make her happy instead of putting all the limelight on yourself. You must first make her believe that you can actually bring a smile on her face, no matter what the situation is. I see too many good guys get intimidated by a girl’s beauty up front, but take a closer look, and find her true self. Another idea is to take her to a place like Color Me Mine, where you paint your own pottery. But many girls cite this as one trait they appreciate, and a good way to get their attention. In case you too are struggling with impressing a girl, here is a list comprising of few hacks that can be seriously quite helpful to win your princess’ heart. I want to treat her gently, speak loving words, and plant kisses all over her sweet smelling skin. Putting thought and originality into a date lets her know you really care about showing her the best in life and it allows you to experience each other across various situations. If he came out and said he was insecure about her and other guys then I would buy into what you are saying.
I can’t help but think, “How did you, Kris, get the most precious jewel in the world????” After all, she’s much more than a beautiful creature to stare at. Vocally complimenting a girl on her appearance will make you look weak in her subconscious – especially on the first few dates.
Researchers from Northumbria University posit that people regard a good sense of humour as a sign of intellect and social intelligence, and women are inherently geared to respond positively to such signs of intelligence. Chivalry There's nothing more off-putting than a guy who looks out for number one and dives for that seat on the train when there's a lady in heels laden down with bags right next to him. Some guys would say girls can't have their cake and eat it, that if we want gender equality then we should expect to be treated like one of the guys too.
Ambition There's almost nothing more attractive than a guy with drive and goals of his own he's working hard to achieve. We're not saying be a total workaholic and ignore everything else but your promotion or the size of your bank account. But if you have something to work for, something you are passionate about, that kind of zeal and aspiration will definitely catch our attention. A Friendly (Non-Sleazy) Smile Now that we've gotten the heavy stuff out of the way, let's get superficial.
Personally, I'm attracted to happy, friendly people with a warm smile and engaging manner of speech (i.e. A friend once told me, "You need a puppy, not a male human." Girls have an in-built sleaze detector.
We know when a guy sidles up to us with a smirk wants something from us we're probably not willing to give.
Instead, if a guy has a genuine desire to be friends and not be too pushy or creepy about it, he's more likely to leave a good impression.

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