Later, Ichigo and Rukia sense Renji Abarai's Reiatsu disappear, but before they can do anything about it, they are confronted by both Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya. As the Doll fires a metal ball at Ichigo, he, blocking the attack with his Zanpakuto, stops the metal ball and it falls to the ground, but he feels his hand go numb, causing the Doll to notice she has gotten stronger.
As Ichigo fends off more of the metal balls sent after him, he is eventually overwhelmed by them.
Ichigo has never thought of Rukia as his 'comrade' because Rukia has always been more to him than his 'comrade'. Grimmjow brings Orihime to heal Ichigo before he can die, wanting to fight him at full strength. When Rukia Kuchiki states they will be splitting up, Ichigo states they need to increase their Reiatsu to alert everyone else if they come into contact with a Bount.
They tell them Urahara finally made the new Bount sensors, but Ichigo does not want to use it, because the Bount sensor is the headband he used during Urahara's training, and he has to activate it with the same phrase he used on it before. As the metal ball on the ground turns into several, much smaller metal balls, they attack Ichigo again, who blocks the attack with his Zanpakuto, and Dalk attacks the Shinigami. When Koga tells his Doll her bad habit is she always plays with her prey, Dalk states when in a life and death battle, you should let your prey feel the ultimate pain and fear, as it would be a tragedy if the prey never got to feel those feelings. When Ririn tells him they have to hurry and escape, Ichigo tells her he has to save Keigo first.
Ulquiorra never killed Ichigo but he would have if Grimmjow didn't bring Orihime there in time.
It initially involves Ichigo Kurosaki fighting Go Koga alone, but eventually Lieutenant Izuru Kira arrives and helps out Ichigo. Ririn, noticing Kurodo and Noba are in Gigais, begins to get annoyed that she is not in a Gigai, but Ichigo simply tells her not to worry about it.

As Ichigo gets back up to battle, Dalk begins sending a barrage of metal spikes towards him and Keigo. As Ririn tries to convince Ichigo not to, Ichigo tells her if he cannot save Keigo, he cannot save anyone, including himself.
Later, Ichigo and Rukia are together, and Ichigo asks Ririn if she is able to locate any of the Bounts, but she states she cannot.
Ichigo, protecting Keigo, tells Dalk not to mess with him, and Keigo spots Ichigo, who is shocked Keigo can actually see him in his Shinigami form. Koga, appearing with his Doll, tells Ichigo he is correct in thinking he cannot save anyone, and thinking otherwise would be a foolish illusion. She's drowning in her own self pity to see that Ichigo will never like her as anymore than a friend.
Protect yourself!" When Rukia is shocked Ichigo would actually say that, Ichigo begins arguing with her.
As Ichigo states Dalk is stronger than before, Koga tells his Doll their investigation is over. Koga, stating Keigo can see him because most of his soul has been sucked out of his body, informs Ichigo he cannot save him now, but Ichigo is not convinced this is the case.
Dalk, telling Ichigo she will not forgive him if he tries to escape in the middle of battle, creates a metal spider web around Ichigo so he cannot leave. Before he can do anything, he begins to move in a random direction, and Jinta tells him he will eventually reach one of the Bounts because of this. Before he can do that, he is stabbed in the heart by a Bitto, and eventually collapses onto the ground. When Ichigo asks Koga why he is using the Bitto to collect souls, Koga tells him the Bitto gives the Bounts further strength, which helps them further achieve their goals.

When Ichigo fires off a Getsuga Tensho at Dalk, she dodges the attack, and Ichigo tells her he wouldn't run away. Rukia yells to Ichigo she is going to find Renji, but before Ichigo can fully respond to this, he crashes into a fence.
Keigo, telling Ichigo to run away, passes out, causing Ichigo to angrily fire off a Getsuga Tensho at Dalk, with the attack splitting the Doll in half.
As Ichigo's Zanpakuto is immobilized by Dalk's arm, he realizes he himself is stuck on the web. As Ichigo goes to take care of Keigo, Dalk, stretching her arm around his Zanpakuto, immobilizes it. Dalk, using her outstretched arms as a whip, begins hitting Ichigo, causing him to kneel down and drop his Zanpakuto. With that command, his body is re-animated, but not in his original form, but in a new Hollow Form.
Ichigo does not reply, and instead, uses telekinesis to retrieve his sword and lets out a loud, Hollow-like roar. Im not hating Rukia or Orihime but Im just saying both might not happen and we dont know whats happens.

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