It is such an honor to be a mother and there are very few things sweeter than an infant — your infant. His preschool teacher told me (only during the very last month of school) how difficult he was in class and how disrespectful he constantly was to her! A few days after that conversation with my brother, my brother found a website about something called Sensory Processing Disorder, and sent me a text, urging me to check it out. The week we did his occupational therapy wrong (we didn’t know any better yet) and gave him vestibular input first and heavy work second was beyond awful!  I knew we were in trouble because he was experiencing sensory overload before we even left the gym. For example, during that week I took him to the grocery store and and he had 6 physical fights with his sister and 3 total meltdowns. One tantrum he was literally screaming like a toddler, sitting on the floor in the middle of the isle, everyone walking around him.
For almost two weeks, the dynamic, funny, amazing boy that I feel in love with all those years ago has come to play — consistently and everyday. For the first time in nearly six years he’s consistently sleeping in his own bed, even falling asleep on his own!

But the part that makes me cry and beam with pride: his kindergarten teacher says he’s doing amazing! And now kindergarten started in 6 months and he had not “out grown it” like I thought he might. I mentioned my concern and wondered if maybe my son had ADHD (it runs in the family), though I didn’t actually think he did.
He’s a sensory seeker and needs lots of extra sensory input in textile, proprioceptive and vestibular senses. My son is the main character in this tale and I hope I honor him in sharing with you today.
The doctor came in to try and talk with me, and my son was bouncing around the room like a caffeinated monkey (not that I actually know what a caffeinated monkey acts like, but I’m sure my son resembled one that day.) The doctor and I could barley even keep a conversation. I see the world more like he sees it and I’ve fallen in love with my little boy all over again!

He could site read but had a hard time just sitting still and concentrating on reading (yet he could concentrate on a science documentary for hours). I’d try to rough house with him but that wired him and I couldn’t bring him back down, it made the rest of the day so tough.
And how was I really going to send him to Kindergarten without setting him up to fail in the public school system.
I’d tried enrolling him in karate, but since he tried to hit his sensei, we decided that was not the best place for him. I could handle an angry little bully at my kitchen table during breakfast but I couldn’t expect a teacher to deal with that in the classroom.

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