These include a few ways to make sure you enjoy your actual birthday, but also several ideas about how to use your birthday as a springboard for taking stock of your life and making sure that you’re on the right path. If you have certain things you want to do, or certain presents that you want, tell your family.
Every year, on your birthday, you’re supposed to change the batteries in your smoke detector.
That requisition sat there, until finally, last November, after almost collapsing from exhaustion after a speaking engagement, it occurred to me that there might actually be something wrong. If I had just gone and had that test this time last year, my blood levels would probably only have been slightly low, and I could have avoided a lot of misery this year.
Birthdays are great times to reflect on the year that has past and get inspiration for the year ahead. Now that my health is getting better, I want to find that passion again in all areas of my life.
So I’m asking God for a new song this year, one that I will listen to everyday, and sing in the shower, and meditate on. This year I’m asking God for a different one, one that will help me orient and keep my eyes focused on His purposes for me this year.
I have the luxury of being able to go away for a weekend because my children are older now. Pray about it, and if God brings someone to mind, write a letter or arrange a special date to either make amends or say thank you.
Join over 23,000 people who receive my monthly marriage newsletter--and get a FREE COPY of my eBook, 36 Tips to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage. A Golden Birthday!When your date of birth is the same as your age, it is known as the Golden Birthday!
After my 21st yesterday, I decided to compile a list for you all on how to make your special day FREE! So you’ve gone away for a Birthday get-away and your on a budget so here is what to do for FREE in the daytime! When the kids were little, my husband took them to the mall to meditate on me and what I might want. When I woke up on my 45th birthday, the tween came rushing in with the familiar twinkle in his eyes. When I got home from running around on my birthday morning, I just assumed the teens were out cold.
You want your birthday to be special and meaningful, but sometimes it can be a bit of a letdown. Perhaps more importantly, though, I have other things that I’m putting into place to make sure that the year ahead of me starts out on solid footing.
Obviously this won’t work if it’s a major addiction to something bad, like alcohol or smoking, but sometimes this can work wonders! In my neck of the woods they’ve been trying to push this as a new habit for years, and it does make sense. I had been to the doctor in April, and she had said I should probably get some blood work done.
Let each birthday be a reminder to you to check in with the doctor, and make sure everything is okay.
It’s also a reminder that life is fleeting, and we want to be able to enjoy it and serve with purpose for as long as we can. I have a special notebook for that, and I just pull it out every year to look at the direction I’m going.
I don’t want to share all the details here, but God so often confirms things to me through certain songs being sung at key times. If you still have little ones at home, maybe this sounds like a fun activity for your birthday? My book 9 Thoughts That Will Change Your Marriage is due at the publisher June 20, so I’m frantically editing until then. Personally, when I need to say thank you, I like doing it in a letter so people can have it as a keepsake.

I hope that you all can take advantage of your birthday, too, so the passing of another year can actually be something meaningful! Not least because when the mental and spiritual things are going well, the physical is either better too or at least easier to deal with! Most restaurants you sign up to will send you FREE items to claim for your Birthday also some shops for example I got 10% off Monsoon and ?10 off Body Shop online. With over 250k+ followers, it became apparent Emma had a real talent of finding the best deals for all of her followers. I’d rip open the wonky-taped wrapping to find all kinds of cheesy thingamajigs, anything from a plastic popcorn bowl to a photo frame in the shape of a hand. He handed me an envelope and out slid a Starbucks card he’d bought with his tooth fairy stash. But when my teens didn’t bother getting off their butts to buy me a gift last year, I was a prickly combination of mad, sad and taken for granted. Knowing that my kids cared enough to think beyond themselves brought the birthday magic back. Comments deemed nasty or unproductive will be removed at the discretion of the site's administrators. You had expectations of what other people would do for you, and those expectations didn’t always come to pass. So I’d like to share with you today, on Top 10 Tuesday, 10 things you can do on your birthday to make your own birthday special and meaningful. If you don’t have a clue what you want to do on your birthday, or if you have a family member who is really good at thinking up the most fun surprises, then by all means just go with it. Maybe you haven’t let yourself read a novel for a while because you have too much to do. I told myself when I quit Diet Pepsi in December that I could have as many as I wanted once a year–on my birthday. But I had two issues with that: I figured I was perfectly healthy, and besides that, who likes needles?
I make it a point to check my weight and my measurements (waistline, hip measurement, etc) every birthday, just so I get a sense of where things are going. I’m planning on taking a weekend by myself to pray through decisions I need to make, relationships, and work.
Gather all your planners and go to Starbucks, or better still, pick up some snacks and head somewhere outside. If we can start seeing birthdays as a time to take stock and make sure that we’re heading in the right direction, then I think birthdays can be a source of inspiration, energy, and peace for us, rather than a day of expectations that everyone else has to do everything right. But when summer rolls around and everyone else is having celebrations, I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a celebration.
Make sure you take ID with you as you probably will be asked and remember to enjoy your FREEBIES on your Birthday! Just do a quick search on Google for what is FREE in your local area or wherever you are visiting. Most importantly anything you do spend out on make sure the other half covers it, to make your day truly FREE!
I couldn’t use half the stuff, but it was all precious, having been picked as worthy for me by my kids. I felt like snatching back all those strawberries I’d sliced and all those rides at midnight in my pjs and all that cash I slipped into their pockets and all the rest that I do for no good reason other than the fact that I love seeing them smile. Then the tween, handing me my twinkly Starbucks card, told me that his brother and sister were gone. How many of them are spent outside in nature, or in a car heading somewhere special, or browsing through new shops? When my sister turned 40, her husband had a surprise dinner for her, friends and family at a restaurant. Whether you want to spend it with your friends and family, or go for something totally unconventional, the options are galore! That I’m now counting the number of years left with all three kids in the house on two fingers?

In fact, he marched into their rooms where they sat plugged into their computers and announced the big birthday countdown.
The turquoise key chain with the little watch inside that now keeps me from searching every purse for my keys like a dotty old grandma? However, as responsibilities pile on, somewhere the spirit to go out there and do something fun diminishes. I’ve been craving it for months, and now I think that craving is over because my tastes have changed.
Not because he doesn’t love me, but because he is shy and would not even think about organizing something. And even if everyone else is too busy to celebrate with me, I have learned to celebrate it myself… some years more easily than others.
After all, it's your birthday!Activities to Make Your Birthday Extra SpecialOne of the most important things to do while deciding what to do on your birthday is plan ahead of time.
And those birthday calls were always so special from my aunts who are now gone or unable to call… but their love will always be remembered on my day! If you wish to spend time with family and friends, you need to make sure they're available for the day.
Also, it is a good practice to have a budget and then finalize the activities you wish to accomplish.
Well, if you can't own it, test drive it instead on your birthday.Swim with DolphinsSwim with the dolphins and other (safer) aquatic animals.
There are many tourist destinations that have such exciting attractions.Go Rock ClimbingIndulge in extreme sports. You can try mountain biking, rock climbing (indoor or outdoor), street luge, bungee jumping, base jumping, wakeboarding, barefoot skiing, river rafting, snowboarding, and even speed skiing.Visit a Museum For history buffs - spending a day at a museum. You can either take a trip to one of the biggest museums around the globe or choose to visit one close to your place. Write down things you've always wanted to do in the order of 'must accomplish' to "can do it any other day".
A makeover, regardless of age or gender, is really helpful as it gives an immense morale boost.
Plus, it'll keep your mind off how old you're getting.Party with StrangersBe kind and do something nice for others. You will not only have a great time enjoying your birthday, but bring joy to others as well.Thank Your ParentsThank your parents for bringing you into this world by taking them on a holiday. Get away from the world for a couple of days and enjoy quiet, fun moments with the people you love and care for the most.Go to the BeachSpend the day at the beach. Sing songs, play truth or dare, make S'mores, and watch the stars as the skies turn dark.Organize a House PartySpend the day at home, but in style. Or you can even go to the closest park and make all the arrangements there.Arrange a SleepoverArrange a sleepover, with a twist. The sleepover will last for the entire day where your friends, along with you, can relax, enjoy, and unwind.
Rent DVDs and have a movie marathon, get takeout or cook at home with everyone, play video games or indoor games, drink (only for adults) and gossip, and dance till your feet hurt.Visit an Amusement ParkGet tickets to your favorite amusement park and enjoy all the rides you've loved as a child. On your birthday, take your camera and visit as many places and restaurants as you can (with everyone who gave the suggestions).Go to a GameFor sports fans, watching their favorite team play can also make the birthday special. Pack lunch, grab champagne (drink responsibly), spot dolphins, take tons of pictures, and watch the sunset before you call it a day.Take a HolidayMake arrangements to visit your dream destination. Make a budget and go shopping on your birthday.Select one or more things to do on your birthday and take tons of pictures.

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