People look at giant African cockroaches from Madagascar in a plastic box prior to their cremation in Bangkok, 23 May 2003. The zoo is highlighting two of its less-desirable inhabitants through the adopt-an-animal program that is usually used to raise money for the care of more cuddly or attractive creatures, such as penguins, lions and pandas. For $50, donors can adopt a scorpion and have the zoo send an email to the person who inspired the adoption.

On the occasion of valentine’s day, here we are sharing meaningful heart touching text sayings along with picture quotes dedicated to your ex lover that shows how badly you miss her or him.
Missing your Ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend is totally normal and almost everyone goes through this phase because your first love is the one that changes you forever. These greeting cards can be used to share your feelings or emotions on instagram, tumblr,pinterest or weheartit.

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