GTA: San Andreas Girlfriends Guide --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Girlfriend Overview-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the mission Burning Desire you will need to rescue a girl from a burning building. Actually you can get pimp suite after compliting Pimpimg mission, which you need to do for 100% game complition. Your date was a falier so -10% as you made her unhappy Just reload the game and do it again. Hey gamer family, this question is to everyone: What do you think is an exciting idea for a video game that does not involve guns?
EA Sports has revealed when fans can once again enter the Octagon, with the release of UFC 2’s official gameplay trailer.
Brock Lesnar vs the Undertaker is arguably the most anticipated match at this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Frictional Games’ sci-fi horror game SOMA, released just 10 days ago to universal acclaim. In addition to what we already know, Bethesda has given a glimpse of what the Character System in Fallout 4 will be like. 343 has hit us again with their second outing from their new take on the iconic Halo series.
Until Dawn is a multiple ending game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.
In terms of sound quality, the PDP Afterglow AG 7 follows the trend of delivering impressive quality stereo sound at a low budget cost. Finally after a month and 75 plus hours of game time in the world of the Witcher Wild Hunt my review is ready, are you? Let's Talk Videogames » Blog Archive What features would you like to see in GTAV?
The period leading up to a big game like Grand Theft Auto V can be equally as interesting as the game itself. About girlfriends, Rockstar won’t be implementing that feature into GTA V, that is if we should believe the “Game Informer” article.
And though I can see where he’s coming from, that it would be difficult when you’re out controlling three characters “at once”, it would be a nice feature.
San Andreas is 8 years old now but it seems to be timeless, to this day it is still my favourite Grand Theft Auto game. Anyway, I had some hope they would return to the GTA SA days (outdoor gym in the first trailer), but after reading the article that hope was crushed.
Everyone loved this feature back in the day, it’s a great way to gain some money and it would keep people away from using a cheat code to get a large sum of money.  It would be nice to see this reinstated in GTA V, I know they’re going to focus on the heists (like the “Three Leaf Clover” mission in GTA IV) a lot in this game but it would be cool that you have something to run at the end of the game, in this case a business. Although you're not able to get a 'typical' girlfriend in the game, you can have a girlfriend whom you are able to contact whenever you want. GTA 5 Under the bridge challenge is part of Aerial Challenges that counts towards 100% completion of the game. In our vehicle database you can find the places where you can get helicopters or airplanes. Wide passage over the Highway seams the best for passing through with an airplane or helicopter. You can fly under this bridge whereever you want, and it counts towards Under the Bridge completion. The bridge is not very tall, but his width will help you to complete this challenge easily. One of the easiest Under the Bridge completion challenges, if you are driving a Helicopter.

Due to it’s great width and height, this bridge should not cause any problem for passing under. You can fly under this bridge at any side, in order to be rewarded for the Under the Bridge task.
Curve under this bridge makes it a bit harder to pass under with an airplane, but for a helicopter it should not be a problem. Although there is a curve under this bridge, you can easily complete the challenge because the bridge is pretty wide.
This rail bridge has light poles, thus, follow Palomino Freeway in order to have a safe exit. This land bridge is a small one, thus, try not to fly too low, or you will fall into the water. Rail Bridge Senora and Palomino Freeway overpass are two bridges one next to another is, thus, try not to miss one of these challenges. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by Mmorpg life DOO or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted.
Then when CJ got off , she sped away with the car and there was a message that went something like "she stole your car. Ok I mentioned him before but, didn’t Dom from the Gears of War series deserve to live? With all the fighting games were seeing this year, one has to wonder, where is Virtua Fighter 6?
Speaking of fighting, where is Battle Arena Toshinden? Sophia’s whip will put Ivy under submission. It may be hard to keep track of all those side quests and treasures hunts, to the point where the game might overwhelm.
9 as a bonus track, appearances from artists like Kool Keith, Open Mike Eagle, MURS, Joell Ortiz and more. Personally, I loved the feature of just hanging out with your cousin or acting “crazy” with Brucie, but there’s room for improvement. One of the biggest reasons why it was such an amazing game was the ability to customize CJ in so many ways.
It said that the only feature of player customization would be changing your clothes, and again I can understand where they’re coming from, the three characters are limiting those kinds of features.
Whether it’s a night club, like the Malibu in Vice City or a golf course (we saw one in the trailer).
In the online version of GTA 5, you can flirt with a stripper by talking to them using your mic and touching them.
There are more than 50 Under the bridge locations, but only 25 must be completed to achieve the goal. Keep in mind that you can hear how far from the water you are, if you are flying below the bridge in helicopter.
Arm your aircraft with a lot of patience and keep in mind that you can touch the top of the bridge, but you might not touch the water, ground, or bridge sides with your aircraft.
Before you try to fly under the bridge, check out which side of the road has less traffic jam. The most asked question at this stage is “What do you want to see in GTA V?”, and despite there are many questions answered in the awesome cover story of “Game Informer” this month, there are a lot of wants and needs left for us gamers. We all know how frustrating it was to have just driven across the map and get a phone call from your friend who wants to hang out and he is living in the area you just came from.
Do not start your journey of passing under the bridges with this one, as it will crush down your will for completing this challenge.

You can date up to 6 girls in total all at the same time, if you want.Each girl becomes available as you progress through the game but not all of them are aquired through missions. But when I pressed triangle (PS2), she stopped then I found the car there left by michelle.
I mean, you can practically make a cup of coffee before the system finishes loading – just saying.
Keep in mind that hitting the bridge anywhere except the top underside of the bridge, causes the fail of Under the Bridge challenge. On a plus side, as you learn how to pass under the first one, it should be easier for you to fly under the second one. Things like small height and width are not something that other bridges from this challenge have, but it’s length makes it unique and the most challenging. Some of them can be found around San Andreas and it is up to you to meet each girl's tastes. The easiest way is to take Denise into Balla territory and let her shoot a Balla in a vehicle.
Denise Robinson and Millie Perkins will pose no problem, because you meet these girls during missions. When you look at GTA IV those options were limited with just having the option to change clothes, you didn’t even have to eat to stay healthy.
The others however take a bit more searching.Below is the locations of each girlfriend, not found during missions. One seemingly glitch with at least some of them (Denise, helena & michelle ) was that your proofed cars would turn normal if you ever used any for them girls. It would have been a great feature for Niko Bellic (imagine Niko to go lift some weights with Brucie, awesome is the word we’re looking for). Each girl has a blue arrow above their heads and will be standing around doing various things, like talking to someone or shooting a gun.
My BFEP elegy, Fireproof cheetah, BFP Tahoma were once victims of these bitches Michelle made my HPV 1000 bike disappear from my Paradiso garage after CJ and her passed bt there on a driving date. Make sure CJ has high sex appeal and make sure your car isnt a wreck either.There are several types of dates, depending on what girl you are dating. If you wasted Helena, Michelle or Katie and you want any of them back, then there is only one way to do it, collect 50 Oysters. All of the girlfriends you killed would come back to life and you could date them once again.
Girlfriend dies without abuse: This is hard to pull off, because if you try to trick someone into attacking your girlfriend, the person will probably hit you before he can hit her.
Date she likes: Helena likes to eat in restaurants and the closest place to take her is the reastaurant in Rodeo, Los Santos. They do the same effects as a flowers would, but there is no need going across town for dildo or vibrator, unless your gonna beat people with it instead of giving it. Basically when any of your girlfriends in San Andreas invites you for a Hot Coffee or Something Hot and Wet, you will get a mini sex game instead of that bored camera man movement that you had before. Rockstar build all this stuff in the game, but decided to disable it in their final release for unknown reasons. To download the mod simply go to Google or Yahoo and type Hot Coffee mod for PC, PS or Xbox (what ever is your game console).

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