However, the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition does have a goal—not for the landfill, but for the community. Chaimov echoes Steckel’s vision for the future, one in which waste is not generated in the first place. Julie Jackson of Republic Services in Corvallis (which is responsible for Coffin Butte Landfill an additional 30 years after it closes) pointed out that landfills may be mined for their resources in the future. Depending on how much trash is produced, it’s possible that the estimate of 40 years until Coffin Butte fills could be very conservative.
Gordon Brown, a staff person for the Corvallis Solid Waste Advisory Commission, agrees that recovery of materials will probably take greater precedence over landfills in the future. However, if people still produce the same amount of waste 40 years from now, landfills will continue to be the go-to solution. Whatever we end up doing—shipping it to eastern Oregon, incinerating it, or plasma gasification—there’s no doubt that the most environmentally friendly solution is to not produce the waste in the first place. Incinerators are not known for their cleanliness, but the technology is improving to match tighter standards. Could the United States ever reach a point where it needs more trash than is available to power its incinerators? You can be assured that all your holidays and BBQ’s will be appropriately supported by this quality Duo Gas Griller. A quick walk around tour of an International CXT featured at the 6 day Ritchie Bros in Davenport Florida. The Coalition envisions a future in which Corvallis residents and businesses produce zero solid waste. By next year, 2014, the goal is a reduction by 25 percent of landfill waste—a goal that would be achievable in part by greater recycling.

In Portland, the company Columbia Biogas breaks ground this year on a new facility that uses anaerobic digestion to convert food waste to energy.
Because current landfills remove as much moisture and air as possible to compact the garbage, materials do not tend to decompose.
A waste-to-energy facility in Marion County, Salem’s incinerator (located in Brooks just off I-5) processes about 550 tons of trash each day. Air pollution control systems called scrubbers neutralize any acid gases; activated carbon injected into the hot air traps larger particulates and heavy metals. Get yourself a pale white aluminum slab and you're good to go, says your overly average neighbor.
Run by Covanta of Marion, Inc., two huge boilers burn trash at temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Another device called a baghouse traps fine particulate, working like a giant vacuum cleaner bag. Its waste-incineration program is so successful—and its citizens so mindful—that the country doesn’t produce enough waste to keep its incineration power plants going.
The truck is built on the same platform as International’s dump trucks and snowplows. Finally, Chaimov mentioned plasma gasification, a new technology that uses extremely high temperatures to turn trash into gas.
As a result, the country has started importing waste from other countries—buying their trash—as a way to generate power. Why settle for 'good enough' when you could really stand out from the crowd with a 3D garage door?
This steam drives turbines, creating enough electricity to power a city the size of Woodburn (about 13 megawatts annually) and providing a little over $5 million to the county annually in electricity sales.

According to Bickford, this means the heavy metals tend to stay in one place, while the main water quality concern is saltiness from the broken organic materials in the initial trash. Let’s see if the United States can reach Sweden’s current level of efficiency and have to deal with this “problem” in 50 years!
The CXT is equipped with an 220 HP International DT 466 diesel engine and an Allison 2000 Series automatic transmission. These covers are similar to the 3D sidewalk paintings you may have seen around recently - someone who is really good at art (and math) figures out how to make a 2D image look like it has depth. This giveaway is not sponsored or associated with Facebook or Twitter, and this disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Keep reading, I know you want to!You have the choice of over 350 designs in seven different sizes. Individual designs and special sizes can be created as well, so the possibilities are endless.
Thanks to the use of high quality velcro strips, the garage covers are very easy to attach and can be removed at any time without leaving a trace. If for some reason your garage door opens another way, your neighbors are probably already jealous. Door covers (or billboards, as some call them) start at just $80, and a full installation kit is included free of charge in the price of the garage door cover. The company also makes similar covers for your interior doors, so your bathroom door (for example) can look like an elevator, entrance to a castle, door to your indoor pool, etc.

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