Thanks for this lovely video plenty of awesome information, Kandee!!I wanted to shape my eyebrows but all other tutorials made me more confused, yours is just awesome! I loved your first video - helped me start sorting out my crazy eyebrows, and now this one is even clearer.My eyebrows are more curly and unco-operative than yours so I have to work harder at keeping them in line!
I know Kandee doesn't really have time to respond to any comments, but do you guys have any recommendations for people with very straight eye brows? Or You Can Start The Brow From The Inner Nostril Instead Of Right After It For A More Fuller Brow. I have really thick and straight eyebrows (like I naturally don't have an arch at all).
Fortunately I was able to control my donkey kick fantasy and began to explain how doing more crunches will not give her a six pack and how they will have her spine looking like a question mark in 10 years. If you maintain a healthy, 95% unprocessed food diet, your body fat will decrease and your abs will start to show.

At first it was thought that only women suffer from the misery of having dark armpits, but with the new statistical reports & dermatological reports, they say that even men have much concern about their dark armpits. Garlic In Milk- Cures Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cough And Many Other Diseases! Others will cut your skin and are not safe, these have  a special guard and are what my make-up mentor and academy award winning make-up artist used when I first started working in make-up 10 years ago!(optional, but reduced redness and is super quick to remove hair in a jiffy!)CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE TINKLE RAZORS! I just wanted to say thank you for this helpful video, I am now feeling very inspired to fix my eyebrows!
I Have gotten them waxed before but they didn't really shape them, just cleaned them up. She is in good shape, but all her cheer-leading friends have these crazy six packs and she wants one desperately. I then began to explain how DIET is the ONE AND ONLY thing that will get your body fat low enough to have your mid section wash-board flat.

I live in Orange County, CA and go to the Placentia store but have seen them at other stores. Sure, some people have weaker cores than others, but we all have muscle in our mid section. I have OVER plucked my eyebrows for years, starting in high school when I was super self-conscious about ANY body hair. The days are gone when women were the only posers and all eyes were on the sleek and flawless bodies of the females. Today, even male models, wrestlers and entertainers are subjected to having a perfectionist’s body.

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