According to a World Health Organization report published in the Journal of Pediatrics, one-third of children on the planet are obese and sedentary lifestyles are likely to blame.
The WHO research found that 70,000 teenagers from 34 different countries are fatties because they watch TV or play games three or more hours a day.
The analysis included 72,845 schoolchildren from 34 countries that participated in the Global School-based Student Health Survey and conducted data collection between 2003 and 2007. In more than half of the countries, more than one third of the students spent three or more hours per day on sedentary activities, excluding the hours spent sitting at school and doing homework.
However, when the media is your enemy, you can't be leaderless, because they can just hold up any dickhole associated with your movement and say that they speak for all of you. A lot of protests happened about government, and media -at first- censored them or ruled against them. These kind of things are kinda weird, you can't always predict the outcome but you got a really good point. As for the momentum, I think we're fine, In fact we've managed to get (recently mind you, like within the past month) PCGamer and IGN (Of all places) to update their disclosure policies. What Gamergate has done instead is attack every stupid thing anti-GG says to the point where any person with a shred of sanity will realize how corrupt gaming journalism and media has become.
Gamergate is doing perfectly fine without leaders, and hopefully will continue to do so for the rest of 2015.
As far as I can tell, GG has relegated itself to pests who try go get people's ads taken down.
If they wanted to affect change, what they needed to do was use their momentum to launch their own gaming news site(s). If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it.

We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. The questionnaire included questions on overall physical activity, walking, or biking to school, and on time spent sitting. This was a stupid ******* thing to say, but a lot of GG followers would say it a lot believing that they were setting the record straight. We persisted and in time, media -not all of them, but a fair amount- started to rule for us. It's not only about ethics in journalism, I've always felt that way but couldn't put it into words, untill now.
A comp of Bronies talking about work, kids, and school wouldn't exactly get many views or thumbs.
All you need to do is call them out on it, and they'll have no argument to defend themselves except to cry misogyny and block you on twitter. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. But, one might also want to look at what kids are stuffing in their face holes while they’re playing with their Pokemons.
These findings require immediate action, and efforts should be made worldwide to increase levels of physical activity among schoolchildren.
Feminazis and their stupid censoring **** or harassing people about gamer gate is also one of the reasons I support Gamer Gate.
There is no debate when the people you are debating with have already branded you as terrorists and block any sort of conversation you attempt to have with them. Eventually, the narrative of the anti-GG side becomes clear, which is what posts like these show.

A lot of us knew this, but the fact that a decent number of GG supporter were saying it meant that it went for all of us. ABC has deleted thousands of comments on their youtube channel calling out their bias and misinformation.
Our best shot was to give it competition in the form of site(s) that tell things without a SJW spin. Most SJWs and anti-GG will block you the moment you mention anything that isn't what they want to hear. It's impossible to set a proper narrative against these people when they twist reality into what fits their sheltered lives and echo chambers. All it would have to do is succeed in it's own right and others would follow suit, realizing that a lack of SJW slant isn't just what consumers want as an idea. They know they can't win a debate, so they do as much as possible to censor any sort of criticism or comment. Check out our let's play series, A Man Who Hates Bloodborne Plays Bloodborne, to see why.Like Gears of War? Check it out here.And just for fun, here's a treat for Sniper Elite fans - click here for the seven best nut shots in games.

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